I actually remembered this year to snatch a photo of one of the little hedgehogs which potter through my garden in Summer.

These little guys are brilliant and probably the biggest reason behind why I'm able to go into my garden and pick salad and greens completely devoid of nibbles.

More often than not I don't see the little guys, but I always hear them crunching and slurping their way through the slugs and snails. It's a bit gross to be honest, but to each their own:)

When we moved into this house there was no gate closing in the back garden and adding one was one of the first things we did. We planned on having kids and wanted the garden to be secure, but at the time we didn't know that hedgehogs came to the garden so now I have to remember to leave the side gate open for them from the beginning of June onwards.

I only managed to get this photo because the cat was giving off stink in the back garden and when I went out to check on her I realised that the hedgehog was stuck in the garden because Chloe had closed the gate before coming in and I, stupidly, hadn't noticed at the time.

The cat doesn't bother them, I think she maybe has had a go at a hedgehog in the past but now she leaves them well alone so they're perfectly safe in the garden.

I love looking out into my garden and being able to see the wildlife which comes tottering through, from all the birds and insects to the hedgehogs and the very occasional squirrel.

Which brings me rather untidily to the Campaign for Decency. Fox hunting has been banned in the UK and now there are plans to repeal the ban. You can add your name to the petition in an effort to stop this repeal. There are links to the petition in the top left corner and at the bottom of the home page of Campaign for Decency though I warn you that there are some very unsettling images near the bottom of the home page. If you're likely to find these images upsetting a) that's all the more reason to sign, and b) please use the link for R.O.A.R at the top left of the page.

Thank you.



  1. Well done for snapping a hedgehog photo, I have never seen one in my wildlife garden. I too am supporting the campaign for decency against the repeal of the return to fox hunting x

  2. We have a zillion tiny slugs in our garden, so please send me one cute little hedgehog. You do sell them in your Folksy shop, don't you?

  3. That's pretty cool (and gross, like you said) that they eat the slugs and snails. Here we have skunks that do the same thing, only they rip the shit out of the lawn to do it, so in the end you're worse off than if you just had slugs.


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