A Quick Fix

Eww, I've a horrible case of mummy guilt at the minute.

Those of you who put up with me regularly will know that I've been prattling on about redecorating Chloe's room since Christmas!  It still hasn't happened and she's making me feel downright awful about it.

She gets a look on her face like the Little Match Girl every time we have to put it off for yet another week.  I could give a list of reasons why we haven't got around to it yet, like money but in truth we have all the paiint and bits and bobs already bought then only thing we need to buy is new carpet.  It's not exactly the biggest room and I'm not minded to buy the very best Axeminster for a five year old's room so it won't cost much.

I could say we've been busy but in truth we just haven't tried as hard as we could have to find the time to get started.

I could say that I'd rather do it on a weekend when she can stay in my mum's house overnight because I don't want her sleeping in a room which smells of fresh paint, but the problem with that excuse is that we've had a few weekends like that this year and she could just as easily sleep iin our room for a night or two instead of her own room and it's the Summer holidays and if I were to throw up a two man tent in the living room and give her a sleeping bag she'd be over the moon.

I've got no excuse other than a shortage of time rather than a complete lack of it and an abundance of laziness on my part.

To ease my guilt I opted for a quick fix ...

I bought two huge sheets of decals to brighten her room up a little.

You'll have to excuse the awful photos, it's been a bit grey and miserable here but trust me, her room is really bright and cheerful.

I managed to get them all on the walls while she was at my mum's house because decals are really just glorified stickers and the only thing kids love more than putting stickers on it pick pick picking them back off again.

And all for the grand total of £4 and 20 minutes of my time.

We will get to decorating her room as soon as we can but in the meantime she's happy and I no longer have to wince each time she gives me "the look".

*I don't really know what's going on with blogger at the minute, but it just refuses to centre images*


  1. We did something similar with our daughter's room, but made the mistake of letting her help. Now all the stickers are at a maximum height of 4 feet above the floor.

  2. We have almost everything bought to redecorate Kat's room, too. Except time, like you say. I can't paint it alone, either, because she has a behemoth loft bed and a bank of three full size gym lockers that I can't budge. But...if/when we ever do get to it, it's going to be a cute room.

  3. It looks lovely! Really like the door. Don't feel guilty, at least she's happy!


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