Folksy Bird Swap

A while ago .... actually quite a long time ago (she's very organised you know) I signed up for another of Noodlebubble's swaps. I had to really, it was based on birds for a start and I do like a birdy or six but better yet, it was a Noodlebubble swap. She's the Queen of swaps, basically when the woman's driving the bus you just hop on board!

Anyway, I was properly down in the dumps today. I mean well and truly disgusted. The main reason is that the weather is really, really getting me down at the minute. It's having a much worse effect on me than it is on Chloe. We were all ready this morning for a walk to the park with enough snacks and drinks to carry us over lunchtime if we happened to stay later than planned. The sun was shining and it was a glorious morning, we got ourselves together, locked up the house and were on our way. We'd managed to get maybe a ten minute dander from the house when the sky turned black and the rain came down hard. We even had thunder and lightening. Even though the ten minute dander away from home was cut down to a two minute sprint at full pelt back again we were still soaked through.

So another rotten day trapped indoors, looking out through the windows and running through the checklist of "Super Fun Things To Do When It's Raining" which we've already worked our way through half a dozen times already and really don't care if we never see another ball of salt dough ever again. Seriously, we already have xmas decs made!

And then the postie arrived. Lately there isn't much to get excited about when the postie arrives because my normal bestest postman in the whole wide world is off on holiday and the guy covering his route likes to punish us for making him go out in the rain by carrying all of the post in arms while his empty bag flaps around in a useless fashion at his side. I've had paper mache twice this week already.

But today my parcel arrived wrapped in plastic (#suckit postie).

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous ....

Lynne of Lynne's Pattern Parlour fame made it for me.

It's a gorgeous crocheted notebook cover. Crochet is about the only thing that completely stumps me, I just can't get my head around it all so it makes this even more special.

I really was so down today that when it arrived and I opened it, it very nearly brought a tear to my eye. I'm not kidding, I was just so overwhelmed by her kindest and how completely perfect it is that I had to take a minute to compose myself.

Notebooks are like crafter's crack, we buy them, make them and stockpile them. They're absolutely everywhere in our homes, but this one will be kept for special things. I'll carry on writing my usual (mostly crap) ideas down and then transcribe the very best ones into my new book.

Thank you Lynne, I really do love it:)


  1. oh thats a lovely story and such a lovely swap, its great to receive such wonderfull things in the post

  2. I love notebooks too, and my daughters seem to have inherited the addiction, so it is obviously genetic!

    Today IS to be a better day (although we missed the rain here yesterday)

  3. Lynne is very clever - I have one of her knitted cake patterns and found the instructions really easy to follow (I'm a bit of a dummy at knitting!). Your book cover is gorgeous - I love how the chicks wings make the whole thing look 3d. Hope you're feeling perkier soon. x

  4. That's lovely. Btw for the uneducated and only newly Folksy initiated - what is this swap thing of which you speak - sounds intriguing?!

    I hear you about the weather - we have somehow raised two very spoilt pups who refuse to go outside in the rain and definitely not unless we go with them - cue standing in the lashing rain in the back garden with an umbrella hoping coaxing our pups to 'do their numbers' while they look at us with disdain from the shelter of the kitchen doorway!

  5. Wow - what a lovely post - and it's about me too, which makes it even nicer. I'm so glad you liked the book cover and book. I wasn't that sure about it - I just thought I'd give it a try. It's nice to think I brightened up your day. I've just returned from a holiday and I think your parcel is waiting for me at the post office - roll on monday!! Have a lovely weekend, Lynne


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