July Jesters - Day Four

And I'm already playing catch up! Though I did only miss one day and I have added two new purses today, so I'm back up to date again.

Still I'll have to try better for the rest of the month . . . I will, honest!

Thankfully there have been plenty of lovely new things listed by the July Jesters, though I can't help feeling put to shame slightly when Pipistrelle can manage to crochet an item a day:)

And NOfkants Curios can make a fossil. Doesn't happen overnight you know!

Silvessence can even make things from metal faster than I can plug in a sewing machine.

I really must try harder for the rest of the month because I'm totally letting the side down.

Can I blame the craft fair, I've been blaming it for everything lately and I guess I can probably drag another couple of good days worth of excuses out of it, even though it was on Saturday.

The craft fair? It was great, but that's a post for another day.


  1. Thank you for including my fossil, that is so kind! And adore all your picks today, would happily any or all of the items.

    Natalie x

    P.S. Thank you for the link for the free website.

  2. Lovely purse. I have joined the July Jesters flickr group, great idea.

  3. Don't stress about listing. Do it as and when you can. Its great to have you even if you don't manage to list every day.

    I like your purses. They're cute

    ps.Thanks for the flickr group.

  4. Well you are doing much more than me!

    LOVE that crocheted bag - great shape, size and colour. What do you mean you couldn't make this in a day!!!


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