I've only gone and done it again.  Since Tuesday I've had a blinding headache and a noticable case of the shakes after standing for nearly two hours waiting for and then watching the bands with Chloe.  It was a great day and Chloe loved every minute of it, but of course I did my usual routine and spent all our time in the scorching sun covering Chloe up and plastering her in suncream and making sure she drank plenty of fluids and didn't bother a jot about myself.  So I'm a little rough around the edges at the minute.

I'd say we live and learn but you probably all know me well enough by now to know that if I did the same thing last year and th eyear before, chances are that I won't be learning anything new in time for next year!

The July Jesters are still going strong and I'm managing to keep up alongside getting ready for another craft fair on 7 August.  I've been making button bird purses again ...

And the rest of the Jesters aren't exactly struggling to keep up either.

Here are some of my favourites today...

Fairly GirlyPipstrelleMade With Love XMirrabeadsPants and PaperHWRDesigns


  1. Thanks for featuring my necklace, I do love those purses.

  2. I love HDRDesigns floral and butterfly bag, so summery!

    Natalie x

  3. Lots of lovely things. Hope the craft fair goes well, I have two parties the 11th and 14th and am a little bit nervous. The first is a shopping night at a friends house and there will be 3 sellers. The other is a hen party and i'm just hoping it goes ok. :o)

  4. One day you'll remember to sun-proof yourself. Maybe next year.

  5. Sorry I've only just found this! Thank you for featuring my scarf is such a lovely selection :-)

    Deb x


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