Menu Plan Monday

I said I was going to have another go at menu planning this year. Truthfully, it was a New Year's so its probably time I started don't you think.

Monday -
Lunch: I cooked a cured ham I bought at Christmas yesterday, so Toots and I will have some of that along with baguettes and tomatoes. The husband will take some to work in sandwiches.
Dinner: Roast Chicken with steamed potatoes and green beans.

Tuesday -
Lunch: Chicken and pasta bake using some of the leftover chicken.
Dinner: Homemade potato and leek soup, again with any leftover chicken and big croutons made from the remaining baguettes. The husband's on call tonight so if I make this during the day it'll be something quick for him to have if he needs to leave the house in a hurry.

Wednesday -
Lunch: Frittata. I'll use some of the leeks instead of onions with potato (must remember to cook extra on Tuesday night) and bacon.
Dinner: Toots will be at her Nana's for dinner, so I'll make some chilli and rice for me and the husband.

Thursday -
Lunch: I'll chop up any left over frittata and add an extra raw egg along with leftover rice and make a fakey egg fried rice.
Dinner: Barbeque ribs with pickles and crusty bread. The ribs are in the freezer, someone remind me to lift them out on Wednesday.

Friday -
Lunch: Crusty bread pizzas. I'll slice the bread and cover with tomato sauce, cheese and salami, I have in the freezer since buying it at the christmas market.
Dinner: Hamburgers and french fries. Fully loaded with roasted red peppers, dressing and tomatoes for the husband and with cheese and dressing for me and Toots.

Saturday -
Lunch: I've processor puff pastry in the freezer, I'll cook some chicken and add it to some of the potato soup, cover with pastry and call it a pie.
Dinner: Again it'll just be me and the husband tonight. Toots is off to a party at her cousin's with Nana and she'll spend the night there. We'll probably just use up any leftovers still in the fridge or I'll make some pizza dough during the day if pickings are slim.

Sunday -
Sundays here are a bit different from the rest of the week. I usually cook breakfast on Sunday, pancakes, scrambled eggs that kind of thing so when I say lunch it's actually more like a dinner and its about 3pm and dinner is later and lighter.
Lunch: Glazed pork chops. I've been meaning to try to this recipe for a couple of weeks now and I've checked, I have 18 pork chops in the freezer (don't ask me how that happened). We'll have them with mashed potatoes (with a little mustard added for me and Toots and a lot added for the husband), cauliflower and brocolli.
Dinner: I may use some of the leftover mash, add finely chopped scallions and tuna and make mini fishcakes with some sweet chilli dipping sauce.

I'll be checking through the plans and recipes on Organizing Junkie for some inspiration to keep this from getting too samey.


  1. You can add items to your google calendar (attached to your gmail account that you use to publish this blog) and then have reminders set to email you whenever. For example, you can ask google to email you Wednesday afternoon and tell you to take the ribs out of the freezer for dinner.

    (What? When a man has the opportunity to help another man get his ribs, he has a moral obligation to do so. It's just the law.)

  2. Yeah, oops! Thanks for reminding me that I said I was going to Menu Plan too! ;) To be fair, we were away this weekend, so I didn't get around to thinking about it yet....

    AND, do let me know how you enjoy your pork chops, I think they are so yummy. I'm curious to know if I'm the only one ;)

    Oh and what does your hubby do that he has shift work?

    Thanks, SciFi Dad! I'm your wife and you've never told me that calendar ribs for you! HA!


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