Quick Week Review

Apologies, I've not been around as much as I should have. This Project 365 has sucked me and blew me out in bubbles.

Anyway, I'll get a quick recap of the last week or so out of the way (I'll probably elaborate on a few things later) and then I'll maybe manage to post something worth reading....at some stage.

Right then,

Well, my dad went walkabout last Saturday, just for fun. He arrived at my house at 5.30pm absolutely shattered and in a fair bit of pain. He walked from Newtownards to Helen's Bay then on to Crawfordsburn, then Bangor and back to Newtownards taking most of the scenic routes. For anyone counting thats about 18 miles. He'd left the house at 10.30am and took a short video in a few places just to prove he'd actually walked the whole way.

I pointed out that he could easily have driven between each town and still have taken the videos anyway. Not the way to poke fun at a knackered man, let me tell you.

He used to do things like this all the time, so did I come to think of it but lets just say its been a while (for either of us).

*A quick thing, my dad isn't my dad, he's my step dad but he's earned the title so its his. And even though I didn't meet him until I was 9, he taught me how to walk (really far for no reason)*

Still he enjoyed himself.

I've mentioned above that I'm doing the project 365 this year. The weather hasn't exactly been fantastic the last week or so, apart from a day or two so you can head over to the other blog for a look at random close of pictures of Toots toys, if you fancy? No. Oh, alright you can say here with me then.

We've figured out the hard way that Toots and Aspartame go together like oil and water. That stuff does NOT agree with the kid. So much for me trying to be a good mummy buying sugar free treats for her. Ah well.

She had her first ballet lesson, but thats all I can tell you. Top secret and all that. OR so you would think. It seemed that every other mum with her child enrolled in the class knew the score except for yours truly and two others. So all the kids were ushered into the studio, the three of us were promptly kicked back out again and the door was closed...firmly.

There we were left standing out in the hall like a bunch of numpties while the other mums made a beeline for the coffee shop. How were we to know, its not like anyone bother to tell us.

Of course ours kids weren't a bit happy about this either and promptly started yelling their heads off. Toots even treated me to slo mo crying her eyes out with her arms outstretched in my direction as the door closed. Heart breaking stuff.

Roughly 12 seconds later one of the assistants opened the door to leave in a bag of wings and wands for the class and I could here Toots laughing her head off. Nothing like making mummy worry for nothing kiddo. Thanks.

Still the three of us stood on outside the door "just to be sure" before finally sloping off the the (packed to the rafters) coffee shop.

"So. Who else brought a camera?" I asked.

We burst into fits of laughter.

We were alone.

Turns out I've enrolled Toots in a bona fide theatrical school and I thought it was just a bit of fun.

Again, how was I to know?

All I know is that she appears to have learnt "Ta Da" and something that resembles Jazz Hands but I could be very wrong. I'm assured that I'll be able to take all the photos I want at her RECITAL in nine weeks.

Toots has eaten 12 apples in the last 5 days. I've eaten half a jar of nutella. There goes the New Years resolution.

I'll be meeting up with a bloggy buddy in just over a week, so I'm looking forward to that.

Ikea here we come.

I haven't been in about six weeks and I think I may be getting withdrawal symptoms.

Does the froth at the corners of my mouth give it away or anything?

Oh and I've started to redecorate the entire house, so you might be getting a fair amount of that around here.


  1. That was some walk!

    Looking forward to our meet-up.

  2. and what photos - Egypt sounds fascinating. Nice take on some place we usually see pictured on the news as a violent dangerous one.

    It will be interesting to see how your dd does in the theatrical school - how exciting!

  3. This is the funniest post I've read in a long time. And I really needed a laugh. :)


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