The Honeymoon - Part Two - Abydos and Dendera

While we were in Luxor we decided to take one of tours that was a bit more off the beaten track. It was supposed to be a group tour but the other two couples cancelled at the last minute so we were all alone with our tour guide on a lovely air conditioned bus.

All in told we were on the bus for about 12 or so hours that day. Some people actually did this tour in a taxi. The heat must have been unbearable. It was 56C that day.

First we stopped at the Abydos Temple. It was once the Holy City and everyone in Egypt had to make a pilgrimage there. It is one of the oldest cities in history.

Our guide was lovely, but you'll have to excuse me I can't pronounce his name very well, let alone figure out how to spell it. I still have his business card somewhere, he's a bit of a jack of all trades.

This is a view of the entrance to Abydos Temple.

Unfortunately quite a lot of it is still in pieces...

And underwater. There were even fish in the water.

Some of the frescos are still in fantastic condition. This is the Pharoah giving a feather zed to Isis. The feathered zed is representative of the backbone of Osiris.

See what a great tour guide can do for you.

And the engravings were just something else...

Is anyone else getting an idea for a movie, possibly with a follow up series. We could get MacGyvar for the lead and end the series with him and a few others fishing by a lake.


There is also a celestial ceiling in the Temple which was just stunning and the head of Bes, protector of women in labour, but they were virtually impossible to photograph.

Back on the bus for another five hours (we left the hotel at 4am) and we then stopped at Dendera. Its the only temple with a roof which you can stand on.

Oh, and its huge...

The roof means that quite a lot of the main building is enclosed and unfortunately, not very well lit. This definitely adds to the atmosphere while there and preserves the interior of the buildiing but it doesn't make for great photos.

I love this one though...

The columns (both above and below) are topped by Hathor capitals, although the faces have been removed.

A photo taken from the roof gives you some idea of the scale of the ruins.

And in the other direction, not very far away at all was the Libyan border. I've no idea who owns the bit of land in between the two fences.

Getting bored yet? Pity, because there's a lot more to come.

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