Has anyone seen a small child...possibly with a Crayola plaster on her left knee?

Hmm, ways I’ve broken the baby.

*Lemme see, lemme think*. How can I possibly choose?

Well, she’s bumped her head….more than once, actually more than twice.

Lets see, she’s taken a swan dive off my bed, the first time she kind of did this odd looking back flippy thing and landed sitting perfectly, facing the bed itself. The second time she just tipped backwards and “lightening mommy” caught her by the ankle. Of course, then I was stuck at full stretch across the bed holding a baby by the ankle trying to make the decision to either lift her up and risk shoulder dislocation, or lower her onto the ground. Muscle strain kicked in and I lowered her.

She has been hit on the head with a swing, somersaulted off a trampoline into a nearby hedge, tumbled down a slide when she tried to down on her belly. She’s nipped herself on countless door hinges, ran into door frames and she’s fallen off god knows how many chairs.

She’s fine though, not a scratch on her.

She there she is, upright and mobile, laughing her head off.

(By the way she’s running towards me, not away. Just so you know)

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  1. LOL! She is adorable. We've all screwed up in all these ways. I think all three of my kids have fallen off the bed. Bug did it at least twice before I realized he could ROLL. I was such a clueless first time mom.


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