Yarn Stash

I’ve been very good this last week or so, trying to get on top of all those small jobs which, if left undone, amount to one hell of a big job.

I’ve also been knitting like a woman possessed, trying to get everything finished in time for Christmas.

You may recall I’ve mentioned before that my yarn stash is not what you would call organised. I’ve tried and tried before, but I always wind up spending some time and sorting out a small amount of my yarn (whilst at the same time getting completely sidetracked and starting to flick through patterns to see what to do with yarn I’d forgot I even had) and then mussing it all up again at a later date while rummaging to find something.

So I’ve been out and bought a box of huge zip lock bags. These things will easily hold four or five 100g balls of yarn plus (hopefully) the pattern they’re destined to become. I’m about half way through the job and a lot of what’s left are recent enough purchases (the last 18 months) and I can still remember which pattern they are for, so with a bit of luck and willpower I should get the rest sorted in about an hour or so.

Now Wednesday or more precisely Works for me Wednesday snuck up on me and I haven’t taken any pictures of my own, but I’d be chuffed to bits if I could get the stash looking like this.

Well, ok, I’d be happy with this, besides anything that organised might make the rest of my house cry.

courtesy of Ms. Pants

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  1. I like your method better--takes up less room! I have mine in shoe boxes (I crochet a lot more than I knit) but I like the way you can see what you have and its all contained together!

  2. See that's my problem at the minute. I have three large laundry type bags. I sort the stash out put it back in the bags and then have to drag everything back out again to find something at the bottom.

    In reality this'll still happen but hopefully with all the same yarn type being in one baggy together, I can just grab it all off the floor and dump it back in the bag, and hide it.


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