Menu Plan Monday

Just a little quickie plan this week because we'll be doing a fair amount of running around and meals will mostly be something thrown together quickly on the go.

Monday - Chicken stew. I made a big pot on Sunday evening so I don't have to think about cooking tonight.

Tuesday - Baked cod (which I have portioned in the freezer) with pesto and garlic potatoes and whichever veg is handy.

Wednesday - Chloe will be at mum's again this evening so I'll lift chili out of the freezer and heat it for Bob and I.

Thursday - There's a ton of chicken in the fridge and I have a huge batch of no knead bread in there too so we'll have fresh bread, leftover chicken and a salad, plus Bob and Chloe will likely work their way through half a jar of pickles.

Friday - I'll make burgers with all the usual bits and pieces and some onion rings too.

Saturday - Pizza. I haven't had pizza in what feels like ages and I'm having a bit of a craving for all that bread and cheese:)

Sunday - I don't know just yet. I'll be going shopping on Saturday and I'll either buy something with dinner in mind or I'll use something from the freezer. There's a turkey crown in the chest freezer that I suppose I really should use, but I really don't like turkey. I'm more likely to cook and shred that to use in soups and things than as a roast.

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