Folksy Friday - Gardening on the brain

Garden, garden, garden!!! If I hear one more thing about that bloody garden I might go spare.

I've been digging and weeding and emptying and filling and planting and transplanting and lifting and laying and I've come to realise a few things about gardening in the past few weeks.

I'm no longer young enough to be doing without a kneeler.

Garden Kneeler - Recrafted

Now that I want to use all or as much space as possible for fruit and veg, there's a serious lack of colour out there. I know green is a colour but even so, sometimes it was just nice to stand with my coffee in the morning and look out at the flowers. I've realised that if I can't have a flower garden, I can still have flower garden bunting.

Flower Garden Bunting - Hollie Lollie

For reasons I won't go into for fear of revealing my own stupidity and the downfall of trying to look over and through one's specs at the same time, I wish I had some cane toppers.

Terra Cotta Cane Toppers - Caroline Nash Crafts

Figuring out where to put up a bird house or bird feeder becomes a question worthy of Mensa when taking a very agile cat into consideration.

Bird House - Buns Stuff

And to think I could have just paved over the lot and filled it with beaded flowers instead.

Lavender - Fleurs de Perles


  1. I love dinky birdhouses, but my fav. has to be those breathtaking lavender buds! Thanks for sharing, Leanne [ps. don't worry, we've all poked our eyeballs out before, it's a gardener's rite of passage ;o)]

  2. Cute bird houses and AMAZING lavender - wow!

  3. love your theme this week, fab bird houses!

  4. Lovely selection, I could do with the kneeler too, and the lavender is stunning.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Gorgeous picks! My favourites are the bunting and the beaded lavender!

    Em ♥

  6. All really fab items but OMG that lavender - it looks real! Off to investigate the dinky bird houses now. Happy gardening Leanne :)

  7. From someone who trys hard every year but whose fingers will never be green...the lavender is perfect! cool picks :0)

  8. all lovely, I'm a keen gardener and some of that lavender would look lovely - my lavender plants are rather puny!
    pam x

  9. Fab choices Leanne. I would love bunting in my garden - not sure if my OH would approve though.

  10. That lavender is fab, I had to do a double take, I didnt quite understand why is was there, I thought is was a photo of lavender, then I noticed the tiny beads!

  11. fab post! I love the bunting and the lavender!

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