Menu Plan Monday and loads of lovely veggies

Just none of them grown by me or at least not yet anyway. Though I did go food shopping today and as I've been feeling a bit rough around the edges lately I stocked up on fruit and veggies and plan to stuff myself with them this week.

Monday - Roasted pork chops and root vegetables. I have onions, carrots, turnip, parsnip and potatoes and I can chop and chuck the whole lot into the oven for an hour and forget about it:)

Tuesday - Chicken and vegetable soup and crusty bread. I've made another batch of the no knead bread tonight and it's pretty good with soups and stews, rubbish for sandwiches but I'll make a small loaf and we'll get through the whole thing at dinner.

Also I need to bake 35 cupcakes today for Chloe to take to school tomorrow for her (early) in school b'day party.

Wednesday - Mum is taking Chloe clothes shopping this afternoon (good luck to her, she's gone right off shopping lately) for new clothes for her birthday, but it means that my mum will sort dinner for Chloe at her house. Robert already knows he'll be late home tonight so I'll have any leftover soup from yesterday or a salad and make him something light like sandwiches when he finally gets home.

And I need to remember to send chocolate chips to school tomorrow with Chloe. They'll be making choc chip cookies and Easter biscuits as it's their last day for two whole weeks!

Thursday- Last day of school and Robert knows he'll be home early tonight so, weather permitting, I'm breaking out the bbq. I'll make burgers and marinated chicken skewers with salad and plenty of tomatoes at least that way if it rains cats and dogs I can just cook indoors instead.

Friday - We're having movie night this Friday with the big screen and projector and all that faff so I'll make nibbly things like nachos and popcorn and dips and whatnot. They'll probably snack on sweets and crisps the whole way through the movie so I'll waste my time making a proper meal.

And I have to make a cake and cover it with chocolate buttercream to be taken to my mum's house tomorrow where she has a monster sized bag of sweets for the girls to decorate the cake.

Saturday - We're having dinner at mum's because it's Chloe's birthday tomorrow and she'll be spending tonight at my mum's house too and having a sleepover with her cousin. Is it just me or is this birthday turning into a week long event?

Sunday - aka Chloe's actual birthday. We'll be going to mum's house in the morning, though not too early and taking her presents with us. Then it's off out for Chloe, Aimee, mum and me to soft play heaven (with it's own coffee shop), and after that we'll meet up with Robert and my dad for a late lunch/early dinner at Zio.

I'll make some toasties or something else simple on Sunday evening before bath time.

And after a week like this on Monday when we're all off together we'll be going to the beach with nothing but a bag of sticks, a box of matches, a packet of sausages and a bottle of ketchup if I get my way:)

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  1. Chloe shares her birthday with Easter this year? I always dread finding out when Easter will be because my daughter's birthday is around this time also (tomorrow).

    Also? We call it Munchkinpalooza and it lasts anywhere from 4-9 days, depending on the year.


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