Folksy Friday and I'm not well

I knew this would happen, the second I opened my gob on twitter this morning and said I quite fancied a wee day to myself, but thought I was too old to be pulling a sickie. Yup, I started yet another game of "tag you're it" with Murphy!

I made a go of the day, we had breakfast and I took Chloe to school, but by 10.00am I could feel the familiar tickle in the back of my throat. Now I have a pounding headache, a neck like a wrestler and my ears feel as though they are filled with cotton wool.

I make that a 1 all draw between me and that Murphy bloke!

Like any perfectly normal and sane person, when I get a dose of the sniffles I quite like to feel sorry for myself and curl up in a ball somewhere comfy.

Comfy means cushions and not the sad little pancaked cushions I'm currently in the process of replacing, but cushions like these;

Not to mention the slippers, and sick or not I'll be having a pair of these at some point. The question is, in my currently weakened state, will you beat me to this pair?

And of course I'll need a big pot of tea, preferrably filled whilst I'm not looking so that my flu med addled brain starts to convince itself that I have a magic teapot and magic teapots that never run out need to be kept warm and toasty;

So what do you do when you're feeling under the weather?


  1. Ah poor you! Hope you feel better soon

  2. I've seen so many of my favourites today on the Folksy Fridays and Sarah Carr is one of them - thanks. But what a crappy thing for you to be poorly at the weekend. Get looked after and get better soon. x

  3. get well soon - lovely comfy picks

  4. Hope you're feeling well soon. When I feel sick like to sip on a toddy-type drink of tea, orange juice and Southern Comfort. If not the So-Co, then a little whiskey works just as well. ;)

  5. I love tickety boo's wares!..your cosy theme was lovely, was on folksy forum and i think having a folksy friday carnival idea is great, i'm not terribly computer savvy but i'm sure i'll pick up how to do it x

  6. Crap. I hope you feel better soon.

  7. Sorry you are feeling unwell. Ooooo errrr I love the robot cushion!


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