Garden 1 - Me 0

I'm trying, really I am, but my garden is kicking my ass this year.

Normally by this time of the year I have the garden pretty well cleared and at least an idea if not a full blown plan of what I'll be planting and where.

This year, not to much!

The poor thing is all just so ratty and unloved looking at the minute. Ideally what we would like to do is move some of the larger plants to the front garden which will free up a lot more space for vegetables at the back, we just haven't really got around to do it yet. Although if it is going to happen, it'll have to be done in the next three or four weeks to then allow us time to get the ground ready for replanting.

I'm thinking that it should be easy enough to move everything which is currently along the front of the top level and of course there are a load of things which are already in pots and it's just a matter of picking the things up and carrying them around to the front garden. Go on, ask me why I haven't done it yet, you know you want to?

We didn't use the decked part of the garden much this year and it rained a lot more so it's a bit lethal up there, a bit like a slip and slide so that will need a good clean and scrub before it's safe to use again.

That trough planter thingy needs completely gutted and refilled, nothing we planted in it last year grew so the soil is pretty much dead and the cat has made it her own personal sandbox since then.

The stairs badly need to be sorted out and scrubbed down, there are even a couple of ferns growing on them now.

And if there's time, I'd quite like to give it a lick of paint. I hate that drab grey cement colour and I much prefer the soft green we used around the decking. Well when it's clean and had a freshen up I prefer it, but I think while I'm doing that I'll carry on across the back wall behind the trough and the very front wall below the little hedgerow too.

And because none of that is going to happen while I'm sitting here, guess where I'm off to. Maybe I'll even move those pots round to the front garden, or maybe I'll just stand out there for an hour chin resting on broom handle, coffee cup in hand wondering where to start first, you never know!

Before I go, I've just realised that, and I have to say this very, very quietly, but it hasn't rained all week, not so much as a drop so I'll even be able to mow the lawn for the first time this year too:)


  1. This space is so cute and looks like it has a ton of potential. Please post more pics as you make changes. :)

  2. Now you had said it I will have to get my brolly and wellies out for tomorrow .....thanks! :)

  3. Oh boo effing hoo. "My garden is beating me like a redheaded stepchild."

    MY garden is under FEET of snow.


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