Folksy Friday - The Chloe's Choice Awards

My cold addled brain has taken complete leave of its senses, perhaps the grunt work in the garden on Saturday morning really wasn't the best idea after all, so this week's Folksy Friday comes straight to you from the very lovely Chloe. She has impeccable taste by the way.

Chloe is already a big fan of Hotdog, so it was no surprise that her first stop on Folksy was a visit with the pups. She already has two to call her own but reckons she can make room for another, or maybe two.

Hotdog's alter ego, Betty, is also currently running a giveaway. If you fancy being in with a chance of winning some of the most gorgeous beads and charms I've ever seen then pop over and enter.

Chloe's second stop was with the other mousie. Her itty bitty pirate kitty has been very well looked after by the pups though I've a sneaking suspicion that they're only trying to catch a glimpse of her treasure map. Yes, our pirate is a girl, what of it?

Of all the gorgeous little creatures at Nats Nest that Chloe could have had her pick of, she fell in love with the carrot oddities. Though I can't say I blame her.

Chloe's first encounter with Oddsox was way back before Christmas when I allowed her to shop via twitter avatar and she badly wanted Shaz's sock monkey. Because she's a kind hearted child she completely understood that the monkey in question belonged to Shaz and was a gift though I'm fairly certain she'd be a tad less understanding and probably would have been willing to go a few rounds for the elephant.

And lastly, but by no means least, another Nicsknots Diddy Handbag. And again, she already has one. This one in fact, only in red, but she's rarely parted with it. Don't let the name fool you either, it's her go to weekend bag for taking to my mum's house and I've seen that child walk out the front door with a book, handful of toys, purse, whichever piece of jewellery is currently in favour, lip salve, hair bobbles and a DS all tucked inside that bag. She rocks at Tetris too:)

And with that I bid you all goodnight, seeing as it's actually still Thursday and past Chloe's bedtime and I fear past my own as well.


  1. Great picks, the hot dog is adorable.

  2. yay, we love chloe :)
    Thanks for including Simon Howell
    love love love

  3. Oh bless you Chloe, thank you for choosing Effie the Elephant - you've picked some of my favourites here too - what good taste you have! Shaz x

  4. Lovely choices Chloe, love them all.

  5. What great taste chloe has!! i love nicknots things...lovely bright cheery picks x

  6. They're all so cute! I think I like the carrots the best.

  7. Your daughter has great taste :)


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