Marching on

I'm sitting here, trying to adjust to the fact that it's not even 8pm, the curtains are closed and the lamps are lit. I could do with putting the heating on, but it isn't quite cold enough yet to force me up off my backside to go and do it.

Autumn has definitely arrived and Summer is fading fast. Don't get me wrong the last couple of days have been beautiful and today was a bit of a scorcher but it doesn't change the fact that Chloe and I crunched on the first fallen leaves on the way home from school today and I let her pick her first apple from the tree in the garden, although there are so few out there that this year she will pick them all. Her dad will even lift her to the very top of our (admittedly shortarsed) tree.

One of the reasons I love Autumn so much is days like these. It poured from the heavens on Monday and Tuesday and I was soaked through waiting for the courtyard gate to open at school on Tuesday, but because I'm in an Autumn mindset now I expect dodgy weather. It didn't disappoint or get me down whereas the last two days have been so beautiful, unexpectedly beautiful and warm that I can't help but be thankful and grateful for them. Its Autumn and sunshine and warmth isn't a promise, it's a gift.

I'm finally wrapping my head around this free time I have each day and slowly learning not to take it for granted, plus its only six weeks to half term so I'm glad to say I've been quite productive around the house lately.

It will soon be time to light the fire again, and I can't wait because I think my absolute favourite part of Autumn is that it means Winter is on the way. I can dig out my big scarves (not that I didn't replace them with much wispier versions during the Summer) and set about making my home cosy and inviting.

But as it is, Autumn's here and its our shortest season in the UK, Summer yawns on stretching its arms into September and before we know it the frost bites down hard so I plan on enjoying the few precious moments of true Autumn, for as long as it may last.


  1. I love the fall too. It's probably my favourite time of year, actually. It usually runs maybe 2 months or so here, so I get a decent taste of it.

  2. I think fall is my favorite, but this year I'm not quite ready for it. I think maybe because our summer was very mild, to the point that it almost seems like we didn't have a full summer's worth of warm weather. But I guess it doesn't matter what I think. The leaves are starting to turn color and fall anyway.


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