Must. Stop. Laughing

I really do have to stop watching those comedy shows because I hear something funny and I burst out laughing and because it's something that I probably shouldn't be laughing at I then feel obligated to do that silly "I'm offended and only laughing because I'm so shocked" laughing which really just means that I'm laughing with my hand over my mouth.

So either I should just stop watching and then I won't laugh, or I should just go right ahead and laugh hard anyway because damn it, it's funny!

Case in point...

Sean Locke - Comedy Central

"You know, they say a woman's work is never done......

and maybe that's why they get paid less...."

Get your hand away from your mouth, that there is funny.

Embrace your completely inappropriate sense of humour!


  1. Not even going to touch that with a 10 foot pole. I was more diplomatic yesterday with a post on a related note and still got taken to task.

  2. I agree. Some things are just funny...even if they are inappropriate. I think we all take ourselves too seriously sometimes.


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