Happy Anniversary

Today is our Anniversary!

We've been married seven years today.

And I had to be reminded, just as I've had to be reminded about all our past anniversaries.

I'm sorry husband and Happy Anniversary.

You're happy again and smiling, which is great to see. You're having a much better time of it the last week or so which makes me much happier too.

It's not that anything has changed or anything has eased off, you're just learning to deal with it and learning to understand that in the great scheme of things anything that happens outside of these four walls falls way down near the bottom of the list of important things.

That's not to say that you don't want or need your job and career to be important to you, its just that if this one doesn't respect you for everything you are then maybe it isn't the one to pour your heart and soul into.

You're a great husband and a great dad. You give us everything we need and much more besides and for that we are grateful and love you and for that you should feel proud and because of that you should know that as a man you stand head and shoulders above anyone who feels the need to run you down or try to make you feel small.

You are a great husband and a great dad, but more importantly you are a great man.

Happy anniversary husband. We all love you, but then you knew that already.


  1. Awww Leanne -that made me cry - what great words to say about about your amazing husband & Chloe's wonderful dad!! Have a wonderful anniversary xxxxxx

  2. Happy Anniversary you two.

    I'm glad things are going a bit better for him at work.


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