Love of Winter

I could get used to these long dark days.

I’ve always preferred winter to any other season.

There’s something more familiar and cosy about winter that I just don’t get from any other time of the year. I can throw on a jumper and a huge woolly scarf and a decent pair of walking boots, happy in the knowledge that if I tried to rock my four inch heels 12 months of the year I would look like the village idiot. I don’t have to worry about the perfect beach body or shifting that last few pounds, trying to buy something to wear when the shops are filled with clothes that would be more expensive than gold if they were sold by weight.

I love to curl up in front of the fire with a book or some work, a glass of wine or even a big mug of hot chocolate. A blanket wrapped around me even though it isn’t cold inside. Call it my snugly if you like but I just love to have a blanket handy.

I’ve spent the last few nights like this and I’m definitely enjoying the laziness of it all. Yesterday I left work a little early (due to lack of anything interesting to do). I arrived home probably about an hour before sunset. I lit the fire, switched on the laptop and settled down with a big mug of coffee and started to order my groceries online. I was a lot more sensible this year, I didn’t get caught up buying silly things, I just stuck to my list and made sure to order all of my heavy items which will save me having to cart those home be myself.

It took around an hour and by the time I’d finished it was almost completely dark outside. I hadn’t closed the curtains yet and the lights from the Christmas tree were reflected in the glass. The laptop shut down for the evening, the only noise left to listen to was the sound of the fire crackling.

I walked to the kitchen and almost without thinking, lifted the lasagne from the fridge and put it into the oven before switching it on. I went back to the fireplace, added some more peat and upstairs I hung some towels near the radiator for Toot’s bath time.

After checking everything was secured, I pulled on a jumper, lifted my coat and big woolly scarf and headed back out into the cold to collect Toots.

We walked back up the hill together towards home, with the constant sound of traffic no match for the volume of her giggle as we slid on the already frosty ground and she tried to “catch” me with the steam she blew from her mouth.

We arrived home and got rid of the coats and boats, heading straight for the sofa and all those lovely cushions. She immediately grabbed a blanket and curled up with it draped across her knee. Her eyes shone and sparkled and the faintest hint of red could still be seen on the tip of her nose and her cheeks, but still completely happy her smile shone brightest of all.

She asks eagerly if it will snow before Christmas and I hope for her (and me) that it does.

My little apple never fell far from the tree.


  1. Beautiful images of the nature associated with the christmas season.
    Best wishes from Brazil:

  2. Beautifully written, a lovely moment to capture.

  3. This is the prettiest post ever... I'm sort of sad to live in Florida. :)

    My dad keeps trying to get me to make Haggis, btw. I have no idea where I'd even get the parts of the sheep I'd need. Blech.

    I was going to do Scotch Eggs but that Shortbread sounds so easy I think I'm gonna switch. Heck, I could even BUY Shortbread at the store on the way to school if I had to.

  4. I would love winter, and all the cozy things that go with it, only I absolutely, positively hate being cold! Snow doesn't do it for me, either. I'd love to move somewhere that has only the three other seasons. :)

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  6. I wanted to email you, but can't seem to locate your email address, please do send it to me--circleoflifeblog at gmail dot com.

    Thanks for stopping by my place and for the wonderful comment!
    I wanted to ask you what the present was that your forgot to buy!!!!

  7. I just read this through the link on your interview on Craft Blog UK and I fully understand why it is your favourite - a beautiful, tender creation! Thank you for sharing! xo


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