Help Fight Against Cancer

The very lovely Laura Cameron has got together with the Fabulous Folks at Folksy to set up a shop in aid of Cancer Research UK.

An avalanche of wonderful sellers on Folksy will be donating beautifully handmade items to the shop which will be up and running soon.

Cancer is a disease which runs very deeply in my family and the families of many others. These families will spend this coming Christmas mourning the departure of those close to them and also celebrating with those who have fought against and overcome this terrible disease.

So far I have donated two pairs of earrings to the Folksy Cancer Research UK Shop and plan to donate more just as soon as possible.

I would urge everyone who has been touched by Cancer to get in touch with Laura and donate what you can however small you think it may be. Even the smallest things can make a difference in the fight against Cancer and helping to support families affected by Cancer. You can get in touch with Laura via her shop on Folksy (which I've given the link to above).

To donate a product, all Laura will need from you is three square images of the item, the item price and a shop description, simple as that.

Laura is currently in the process of building the shop and will notify us of it's launch, we in turn will then spread the word of this wonderful opportunity to purchase items, perhaps as Christmas presents which will make a huge difference.

The best part is that all of the proceeds will go to Cancer Research UK. Each seller will cover all of their own material and P&P costs so you know that this really can make a difference.

I would ask everyone once again, if you can donate please, please do and once the shop is open please make it your first port of call for all your Christmas pressies this year. So many brilliant and talented designers are donating to the shop that there will be an amazing selection to choose from.

Thank you.

UPDATE - The Cancer Research Shop on Folksy is now open for business and filling up steadily with lovely items. Please head over and take a look and don't forget to check back often as new items will be added regularly.


  1. If I could produce anything crafty that didn't look like it was done with a bottle of scotch and an etch-a-sketch, I'd be all over this.

    Great idea.

  2. Thanks Leanne for drawing attention to this, I hadn't seen this on folksy, been so busy but it's made me stop & think. I'll definitely join in.

    Thanks again for writing this.

    Take care Sarah xx


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