WFMW - The (not so) rainy day kit

Its time again for Works for Me Wednesday over at We are THAT Family.

Hi there.

I live in Ireland.

It rains here. A lot.

Our rainy day box is basically just the daughter's normal toy box, legos, crayons, that kind of thing.

However, I also like to keep a (not so) rainy day kit. You'll notice I'm not using the "S" word. It's such a fragile thing and I don't want to frighten it away.

I like to keep it packed and tucked into the boot of the car. There isn't much in it but the way I see it, 20 minutes spent gathering a few bits together is 20 minutes of not so rainy weather wasted.

Obviously an M & S bag.

I keep a couple of beach toys, a change of clothes, a jumper and rain coat (Ireland), a bites and stings kit (paranoid).

I also keep a pack of wet wipes in there. Do kids ever grow out of the need for these things?

And it doesn't hurt to have a few small books in there for long drives. And Toots likes to have her little bunny pillow so that she can tuck it in at the side of her neck if she happens to fall asleep on the way home.

I always keep a stash of snacks and bottled water in the car so this means that if we wake and the weather looks like its playing ball, we just grab the car keys and go.

And the child too. Obviously.


  1. Great idea. Love those crocs :) (or croc imitations!)

  2. The crocs are adorable! This is a great idea... I too keep a stash of things in the car (since some days it feels like we live out of it!) And, no, I DON"T think kids ever outgrow a need for wet wipes!

  3. Wonderful idea and no, kids never grow out of needing baby wipes.

    Even when they are 12. ;)


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