Alright! Who stole my baby?

The alarm clock screams through the early morning brain fog. As I slowly wake and start to climb out of bed I hear the all too familiar sound of little feet padding across their bedroom.

Her bedroom door opens, blissful darkness behind her provided by the blackout curtain. She shuffles out into the daylight before turning into the bathroom calling over her shoulder for me to "put the kettle on".

She hops up on the loo and rests her chin in her cupped hands, her elbows barely resting on her tiny knees as she lets out a great sigh and heaves her shoulders. Another day.

I watch through the crack in the door as she washes her hands and then eyes her toothbrush. She seems to think about it for a while before rubbing her hand over her belly and turning away from the sink, breakfast first.

I head for the kitchen and flick the switch on the kettle, listening to the quiet rustling sound upstairs as she decides on her clothes for the day.

I'm already on my second cup of coffee when she arrives in the kitchen, having settled on a sun dress and a pair of snow boots today. She pushes the curls and tendrils back from her face, asking if I think she needs it cut. I drop a few slices of bread into the toaster.

She pulls her steps to the counter and asks if her tea is cool yet (decaf). She butters her toast and munches in silence, every now and then taking a sip of her tea and looking out into the garden.

She hears her dad getting out of the shower, reaches over and flicks the switch on the kettle and drops another slice of bread in the toaster, buttering it for him as he comes into the kitchen.

She enquires if he has to work today and if so, will he be late home. She talks to him about the random things of great importance in a four year old's life while he has his breakfast and when he finishes she sees him off at the door with a hug, a kiss and a request "not to work too hard".

Back on her step, she finishes her tea. and brushes her hair out of her eyes again Without looking in my direction she asks if we have any plans today.

And so I ask again... Who stole my baby?


  1. Awwww - such a sweet post :O)

  2. Oh what an adorable post! They grow up way too fast don't they.

  3. Very sweet post... it's so true though: one minute they need you to do everything for them, and the next they're trying to do everything for you.

  4. Kids do grow up too quickly, dont they? BTW, first time here, and its through a tag.


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