Menu Plan - 27/4 to 3/5

Monday again.

I need to have a clear out this week and get rid of some of the things taking up room in the larder and freezer, plus I'm hoping to get a run out to the Asian supermarket some time this weekend.

Monday Smoked haddock risotto. I have a piece of smoked haddock in the freezer, but it isn't really enough to portion out for three people. However, it does have a lot of flavour so I'll use it in the risotto along with some unsmoked trout and maybe a poached egg on top.

Tuesday Hot sandwiches. I have a pack of thinly sliced sandwich steak in the freezer. I'll cook it quickly on the griddle along with some of the peppers I have frozen and we'll have a bit of a salad and some tomatoes with them. I'll make some baguette shaped rolls to make the sandwiches.

Wednesday Toots will be with Nana so the husband and I will have a couple of the packs of chili and rice in the freezer. These things are handy to have but its surprising how much room they take up even after freezing them flat and stacking them like books.

Thursday Baked whole trout with steamed green beans and potatoes.

Friday I have a packet of beef mince which I'll use to make burgers, toots and I will have cheese and tomatoes and the husband will have "the works". I'll use any leftover salady bits with them or I'll make chips.

Saturday Meatball subs for the husband using some of the beef from yesterday. Toots and I will have chicken olives and vegetables.

Sunday Paella. I'll use a couple of small fillets of whiting I have in the freezer along with a handful or two of prawns that are in there. I'll add peppers and serve with some crusty bread.


Gravy rings. I finally nailed the recipe for these last week and the husband sat grinning like an idiot after his first bite. They're basically just ring doughnuts but instead of being baked they're fried on the stove in oil for a minute or so on each side before being drained on paper and then dredged in granulated sugar.

Lemon squares. Along with a huge bag of tomatoes I also picked up a bag of market priced lemons so I fancy having a go at lemon squares.

Vanilla ice cream. Not technically baking I know but I made a strawberry pavlova for the husband on Saturday because he wound up working from home over the weekend and was down in the dumps because of it, so I have four egg yolks in the fridge which I can use for the custard. I might split the recipe before I freeze and add a few handfuls of the frozen raspberries to one half to make raspberry ripple.


  1. Wow I'm impressed!! Can I send my hubby around for tea on Thursday - that would be a real treat for him - mind you Sunday sounds good for him too!

    Best wishes

    Sarah x

  2. OK, wow... what a week to be your husband... such awesome food options!

    I like the redesign. My only comment would be that when I'm navigating within your site, I find it frustrating or annoying that every link in your left sidebar opens a new window/tab. I'd suggest you keep me in my one window and let me use the in-page navigation or the browser's back button, please.


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