Menu Plan - 20/4 to 26/4

Monday again. Where does the time go.

We're just back from another day at the beach/beaches/ancient windmills (yes we get about a bit) and I'm feeling a bit out of puff.

Somebody suggested it would be a good idea to go in the water. The Irish Sea. I'm too old to be venturing into the Irish Sea. I should know better, but more on that tomorrow.

So on to another week's worth of meals. The hubs is back to work, the house is clean and quiet. I have a stack of half finished projects to get to, so ideally I'd like to keep it simple this week.

Monday: Roast chicken and salad. I have a large chicken defrosting and I find my week goes a little smoother if I start with a big ol chicken.

Tuesday: Mild chicken curry with garlic and herb chapatis and rice. We're slowly starting to build Toots' tolerance for spicy food, she likes regular curry and fajitas now but still hasn't quite developed a taste for Indian food yet. I'll just use those little cheater cheater curry eater cubes and add some fresh garlic and parsley to the chapati recipe.

Wednesday: Toots has yet another birthday party to attend so she'll arrive home with a full belly and heavy eye lids or starving and hyper, which one would you like to place bets on? I'll use the carcass and some meat from the chicken along with stock veg in the fridge to make chicken noodle soup, just adding the egg noodles and some fresh red chili towards the end of cooking. We'll have the soup with bread or I may add some yellow lentils.

Thursday: Lightly spiced lentils with steamed cod. I picked up a few large pieces of cod at the market on Saturday and threw them in the freezer. I'll steam them and make up a basic recipe for dahl cutting back on the spices slightly. I'll put the dahl in the oven to keep the lentils as whole as possible. I'm not too keen on the smooth stuff.

Friday: Burgers with onion rings. Fingers crossed for good weather I'll light the barbecue before the husband gets home, hand him a set of massive tongs and let him get his "man" on while I settle down with a glass of wine. If the weather does look good I'll lift some ribs out of the freezer also.

Saturday: We promised Toots today that if it is sunny again on Saturday we'll have another day at the beach. I'll throw a lasagna together and into the crockpot in the morning and I'll take some sausages, beans, bread and fruit with us along with the camp stove.

Sunday: The husband wants to try meatloaf. He hasn't had it before, actually neither have I so I'm bound to make a complete pig's ear of it. Still at least this means that I can have a crack at and if it doesn't turn out well, I'll just tell him its supposed to be like that:)

Baking: I've already started for this week, because I didn't want to end up with more on my plate than I could comfortably deal with so I made a batch of coconut and white chocolate cupcakes tonight and I made a batch of bread dough this morning and popped it in the fridge to prove. Half of it is now baked for tomorrow. I also want to make some soda bread this week for lunches and some more fruit scones since the hubs swears he isn't sick of them yet. Also he wants some shortbread because he didn't get any last time.


  1. OK... about meatloaf: not to brag, but when MTM and I were living together I said I wanted meatloaf for dinner one night, and she said that she hated (her mother's) meatloaf, but she'd try mine once. Now? We keep a stock of them in the freezer at all times. I don't have a recipe per se, but I can email you my notes if interested.

  2. The husband wants to try meatloaf. He hasn't had it before, actually neither have I This statement boggles my mind.

    Can I just say I am absolutely envious of your meal planning skills? Truly. Mine involves "OMGOSH what can I defrost within the hour?!" and "What? Y'all are tired of spaghetti?"

  3. My husband only likes my meatloaf too. I LOVE meatloaf and when we were first married and I suggested it to him, he was horrified, but agreed to try it. Now he loves it (and actually tells his meat loaf hating Dad how good it is).

  4. Wow, a day in the beach sounds super fun. Having lasagna would just make it even better! Sounds like a pretty good menu for the week :) Fruit scones sound really good too!


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