Folksy Teams

Folksy Teams is up and running.

It a new social media network for Folksy sellers and fans of Folksy to keep in touch and stay up to date on everything that is happening in the world of Folksy.

You can also use the network to meet makers, crafters and artists if you would like to commission a piece of work. The network is relatively new, but already we have some wonderful people showing off their beautiful work.

And while I am the creator of Folksy Teams, I won't be moderating the site as such. I'll deal with the usual spammers and the like but apart from that my hope is that the members of the group will take over and make the network their own. Already there are a handful of Folksy Groups helping friends meet, share and arrange events.

So head over and take a look. You might find some like minded crafters.


  1. Morning! I've now joined the East Midlands team too! Thanks you are wonderful - see what you started! It's fabulous!!

    Best Wishes

    Sarah x

  2. Love the new look buttons.

    When I get my store up, I will be joining :)


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