More of the same, but not today

Just another day in the SeetheWoods house.

Toots and I had spent the morning at the playground after breakfast and arrived home shortly after 11am.

I checked the mail box and snuggled behind the usual bunch of junk mail (which don't seem to pay any attention to the "don't send me junk mail" list) was this.

A while ago I took part in Pay it Forward over at Hip Chick's Home and I'll admit that I was surprised to find this package in the post. I've been merrily working on gifts for my first three commenters, but I had completely forgotten about the fact that I would also receive a gift.

And what a beautiful gift.

Inside were a stack of lovely photograph greetings cards, not one or two mind you but an entire stack.

Exeter, N.H.

Philip's Beach, Swampscott.

Hubble Light, York, Maine


The Fruits of the Spirit

York, Maine.

I love the photographs used and probably more so because they're pictures I will more than likely never have the opportunity to take myself.

It may take some serious persuasion for me to part with these cards, I'm very tempted to keep them myself, although there is one which I know my mum will love too so I may be parted with it for her birthday.

Thank you Hip Chick, the parcel really made my day.


  1. Those are wonderful - and would be lovely framed.

  2. Those are some nice cards.

    (Also: I see you got the sidebar fixed. Looks good.)

  3. thank you so much for the sweet post about my cards. I'm glad you liked them.

  4. How cool! I'll have to try one of those "pay it forward" posts someday! :)


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