Three going on Thirty

My little girl's all grown up. When did that happen?

One little illness like chickenpox and kid thinks she has "life experience".

I managed to bump into the little cabinet in the bathroom the other day while she was in the bath and knocked over a couple of bottles of shampoo. As I bent down to pick them up, my "3 going on 30 year old" pipes up "it's ok mommy, sure it's just a wee accident, leave them there I'll sort it when I'm finished here". Three years old and already she sounds like her mum.

She's been following me around the house for about a week now copying absolutely everything. Whatever mommy's up to is totally cool and she has got to be involved. She runs squealing with the biggest smile on her face when I ask her to help sort dirty laundry. She may possibly have been switched at birth, but I don't mind, No you can't have her back, this kid likes to work. I'm just saying.

I'll have to dig the camcorder out for all of these little moments. That way when she's an angst-ridden teenager, yelling from the top of the stairs that she doesn't love me and can't wait to move out. I'll be able to remind her of a time when she thought I was the bee's knees. When she copied everything I did and mimicked my every utterance. At one time, mommy was god.

Which brings up a question. Am I really a big enough person to fill those shoes? Hmm, not sure about that.

One things for sure....No more swearing quietly under my breath when I knock over shampoo bottles.

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