The Big Birthday Plan - Part Three

This is the third and final part of the The Big Birthday Plan.


I’ll be able to rattle up some invitations on the PC and will just use a folded variety rather than have to worry about envelopes. I’ll provide an email and number to RSVP to try and make it easier for mums to let me know. I may mention it ahead of time and ask the mums for a general consensus on whether a morning or afternoon is better for them.

It may be themed fancy dress, along the lines of an outfit made only from what you can find around the house rather than anything bought, but this may require a lot of involvement from mums and I know everyone is very busy these day, alternatively I will provide dress up outfits, as I’ve toots isn’t a girly girl so there are plenty of capes and masks to go around, plus a few animal dress up items so I should be covered for this. Actually, I would love input on this. If I were to invite you to a party and ask you to make a dress up outfit out of aluminium foil and empty egg cartons would you tell me to go and jump. Honestly now, be brutal, I can take it…sniff.

For decoration I already have a few banners without a specific year printed on them and a ton of balloons which my lovely mother insists on buying at every opportunity.

Also another thing I’d love input on. Would any mums out there be offended if you received an invite with a stated a maximum spend included of say…£5. This would be enough to cover a small token gift and maybe a card. She’ll get plenty from family and close friends and I think sometimes mums will turn down the invite of a party because of the expenditure involved in buying a gift. I would rather she didn’t receive seven huge presents from her friends and I think small things, like a single pot of play doh, even homemade, or some colouring books, even a book itself would be a far better idea for a present rather than the latest craze toy, which I will then be lumbered with keeping up on. Pokemon… no thanks.

I may….MAY make a pinata. She loves Spongebob which requires some seriously heavy programme vetting on mommy’s part but I think he’d be pretty easy to knock up.

Famous last words eh.


  1. My personal reaction to a fancy dress party - especially a homemade costume, would be a "heart-sink" moment. Having a bunch of clothes available at the party sounds preferable, some kids just don't like dressing up, and that way there would be less pressure.

    Another option would be to let the kids decorate a hat/crown. At age 4 would need to be quite basic. We quite often have a "craft" element with my kids' parties. However you seem to have plenty of activites already planned.

    How many kids are you planning to invite?

  2. janmary. I thought the dress up was maybe a bit "out there".

    I think I'll invite 9 or 10. I could deal with 11 kids total but this allows for a few no shows as well. You know yourself, weekends here are precious and sometimes a b'day is just something people don't have the time to attend.

    I like the idea of decorating a crown/hat though. I've seen those little "paint your own money" kits around and I was tempted but they're around £5 each so that could get expensive. Crown's would be easy, I have sheets of multicoloured card from a craft shop which closed downin ards.


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