Moving On

We currently have our house on the market. It hasn't sold yet, not even a sniff of interest. The housing market has all but completely died in Northern Ireland. I can live with that. You see in the last year we have slowly come to realise (although not yet come to terms with) the fact that we can no longer afford our home. I'm welling up just at the thought of leaving this place and I keep telling myself and everyone else that I'll be happy if I can have one more summer here. It's stark contrast to the comments I made when we first moved in that I would be carried out of this house in a wooden box, I'm sorry to be so morbid but I went through hell to get this house and that is how I felt at the time (and still do). I'm also hoping that by some miracle, a lottery win perhaps, I don't know but something will happen and my family and I will be able to stay.

The house payment itself isn't the problem, its a stretch don't get me wrong, but we could manage it...just.

Now with the prices of almost everything here increasing, heating gas and electricity were the latest prices hikes by 40%, it's just gotten to be too much and rather than risk debt, we've decided to sell up and rent instead for a few years. It breaks my heart getting off the property ladder when I fought so hard to get on and when I think of my husband who will be 4o this year I wonder if we'll ever get back on again. I also worry that I'll have nothing to pass on to my daughter, but most of all, I'll just miss my house.

I've decided to start putting a few posts on here showing my home and the silly little things I've done to it to make it mine in the hope that at least, when the time comes, I'll have more than memories to take with me.

This house was a complete shell when we bought it, it had been lived in but unloved by its previous owner and had been very badly treated along the way. This is basically the only reason we could buy the house in an area we otherwise couldn't have afforded. It really is beautiful here and a stones throw from a very good school which puts me right in the catchment area. I'd hoped to hang on to the house long enough to get toots into the school before we move but I don't think the pennies will stretch that far. So it looks like I'll be doing the three day camp out with all the other mommies vying for a place at the school.

All of my good memories are tied up in this house, everything so far about my life that I want to remember. I was married in this house, I brought my daughter home to this house and I can see my handy work everywhere. I'm a completely different person here too. I can completely be myself and relax. When I'm here I'm home and there just isn't anywhere else in the world I can think of where I feel this happy.

So this is all just really in explanation to anyone that pops along for a visit and sees a slightly random post of me extolling the virtues of my lovely garden or the plant on my bathroom windowsill that I love so much (I'm useless with indoor plants, the never make it). The plant that stuck by me through some pretty rough times and makes me smile just to look at.

These posts will be as much for me as anyone else and I'd love anyone who visits just to leave a wee comment, just to say you stopped by.


  1. I'm really not sure How renting would be cheaper in the long run in fact it might actually cause more in the long run. Emotionally maybe more than monetary.... Funny, I can think of ways to Help here but I never lived in Northern Ireland but I did live in the Republic. Our rent was just as high as a house payment for the Country standards. We didn't use much in the way of heat or electricity except for cooking or washing/bathing etc. I refused to buy a TV license which I still don't understand and not much to see anyway. We traveled and just enjoyed the outdoors and the Irish lifestyle! Your baked goods sound delicious and I wish you much success. p.s. That's How Martha Stewart started here she baked and sold pies to supplement her husbands salary.... now she doesn't have the husband but she's worth millions! If you heard of Paula Deen she started out peddling brown bag lunches to office workers. If they can do it so can you. You Go Girl if you need me to I'll Help by printing the bookbook and selling it here.

  2. Sorry, should have spelled cookbook lol.


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