Everywhere, it's everywhere.

I'm sitting on the floor surrounded by balls of yarn of every variety you can imagine.
The "Plan" seemed like a perfect idea two years ago. It was such a good idea. Think about it, keep all the patterns the "have got to knit" in a little pile through the year, buy all your yarn in the Christmas sale and put it together, along with the pattern into a bag and you're sorted for for your hobby all year long, for very little money. Brilliant, it was absolutely brilliant. Genious in it's simplicity.

Why oh why didn't I stick to the "Plan". You see I screwed up. Now I have a pile of patterns four inches deep and I'm sitting on my living room floor surrounded by three, yep count em, three huge bags full of yarn, trying to remember which patterns I bought them for. Not a pleasant task. I've been really busy for the last six months. I have four wips on needles at the minute with no idea of when I'll finish them. I have a baby blanket which started as a way to use up all the wee leftover bits. I started knitting four inch squares and grafting them together when I have a few. It's about two thirds done. There is a sock, half finished. I didn't even get a chance for second sock syndrome to kick in. A scarf destined to become a Christmas present. It's almost finished and its only garter stitch. I really have no excuse whatsoever for that one. And a cashmere jumper for me. It's missing one sleeve, the wool was a birthday present two and a half years ago. I have finished things in the last two years, mostly for toots. She loves knitted things and she's a joy to knit for.
The "Plan" was obviously not fool proof, there was a design flaw. The flaw being yours truly. You seen yarn is my downfall. There is definitely stuff here that doesn't belong to any pattern whatsoever. Now I have to think of something to do with otherwise there is something completely useless sitting on my home, taking up space I really don't have. Plus the house is on the market, if it sells, oh lord help I'm going to have to pack and move this stuff.
So I was sitting there on the living room floor, now I'm here telling you about my dilemma (procrastinating) and i have got to find patterns for the yarn I have for no reason, other than it was cheap and very very pretty.
So this year the "Plan" is out the window. NO MORE YARN until I've used at least two thirds of what I have... but then I have just been given three lovely balls by my friend which will be used for grocery bags...
Oh and I might have just printed off a lovely pattern for a lace work scarf. When do you imagine that one will get started, let alone finished.


  1. I am so bad for this. I actually picked up the scarf for xmas last night, knitted two rows and put it back down. Baby steps Annie, baby steps.

  2. LOL, this sounds like my life, too! Except I don't know how to knit. But if I did, this is surely what would happen. :)

  3. It's like that with everything here. I am the queen of clutter and crap.


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