365 Day Clutter Challenge

Three days in and still sticking with SAHMmy's challenge. This is monumental for me, if it involves clearing out anything at all I have the staying power of wet sellotape.

Days 2 and 3

Yesterday I cleared out both utensil drawers and finally threw out a whisk which falls to pieces if you so much as look at it and some metal kabob skewers which are perfectly round and therefore useless for everything. Food just spins like it's having it's own mini disco on them. Must remember to replace them with some flat ones when I see them on sale.

Today I cleared out my beside cabinet while getting ready for work and put two books into the box for charity and threw out some old (read ancient) makeup and an empty moisturiser pot which I was hanging on to to remind me to replace, but as I've had it so long now I'm not even sure they still make it, the pot went in the bin. Besides, I've moved it out of the way so many times now to get at something else in there the label is forever burned on my brain. If I see it again I'll know it.

I also moved all of tootsies hair accessories into a pretty little tin I had and set it on her dresser in her room, she always insists on wearing the same three clips any way so these are really just spares in case anything happens to the ones she likes, although I will probably have to coax her out of the foetal position if anything did happen to them. I guard those clips with my life, anything for peace and quiet eh.

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