Rainy Days

Rain we can deal with. Rain isn't a problem. Rain and you'll usually find us still playing outside in our wellies or making a complete mess of the poor husband's lawn by making mud with our bare feet.

However, rain which comes at us sideways is a different matter altogether. Not even Chloe will brave rain in a storm for the sake of a muddy puddle.

Still at least a morning stuck indoors ended with a few things to brighten up her room until Summer when she'll spend a few days with my mum while we repaint and carpet the room for her.

Bunting by mum....

And a kite by Chloe .....

At least the sun has come out since, we might even have to resort to buckets of water to get those muddy puddles on the go again:)


  1. Rain here almost comes at us sideways. It's not often we get a gently, steady rain coming straight down. :(

  2. That's a pretty impressive kite... she's all about symmetry, eh?


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