Featured on Folksy Friday

I'm very pleased to have my Sun Blush Scarf included in this week's featured items page on Folksy. I'm particularly pleased because the scarf makes six items featured to date, actually it may be seven I think I'm forgetting one. I was sure my luck in being chosen for features had run out, but at least it tells me I must be doing something right.

It's a shame though that not all items fitting a theme can be chosen and I wanted to add a few of my favourites to the list.

I'm already a big fan of NelliD's work and the proud owner of the first teapot brooch available in yellow. I warned her I would go on about that for years (incidentally it's out of stock in yellow at the mo, so neener neener).

At least you can console yourself with the fact that you can show your love for the rain for one of gorgeous Rainy Day Brooches

And I love Firebird Jewellery's Prairie Rain Necklace. It looks as though it is lit from the inside and actually does look like a raindrop, it's so smooth. I'm normally more a fan of silver, but I must say paired with the gold this really is beautiful. I think it does it more justice than silver could.

I don't know nearly enough about art to tell you why I like this. I just do. It reminds me of days spent in the rain, being caught in the rain at the beach (or waking up in the rain and going to the beach anyway) and water streaked windows and birds flying low and a whole load of other things that I can only recall the memory of rather than any detail. Passion Paintings have a few original canvases currently in stock, though Good Earth Rain Dream is my personal favourite.

All the very best rainy days end with a Rainbow. Again, Glassprimitif is another shop I'm a big fan of and have already given this gorgeous green leaf plate a home, so I know from experience that photographs just can't do these pieces the justice they deserve. They're so much more tactile and have more depth than any photo can convey. You can take my word for it, or you can grab a piece of your very own.

And if you think that rain is a rather dismal choice for a feature, just remember all the wonderful things about the rain, like not having to wash the car, or cut the grass, or water the garden, but you can still go to the beach:)


  1. The rain necklace is stunning.

  2. Lovely choices. I hope you got some more sleep!

  3. Firebird's necklace is lovely, I too am a silver person and i have to agree it doea carry the gold chain well, lovely picks :0)

  4. Beautiful aqua teardrop from Firebird - what a pleasing shape.

  5. Congrats - lovely stuff as ever :)

    Back home :( - hols are over :(

    Bathroom being ripped out :)

    The Room of Gloom's days are numbered!!!

  6. love the colours... and the wee umberella :)


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