Menu Plan Monday and some general destruction

As far as a menu goes this week I've got nothing. What I do have is a freezer full of leftovers, stews, lasagna, shepherd's pie, all the boys are in there so I'm just going to work through as much of those as possible this week.

In other news, Robert's off to a new job. He was offered it a couple of weeks ago and starts on Wednesday doing access control and biometrics. I means more money, less hours, he finishes at 4pm every day and most importantly an end to call out so we'll hopefully get some semblance of a life back again.

To celebrate I put him to work in the garden, cause I love him that much:)

He emptied the large trough planter in the corner and he and Chloe planted up the first layer in the potato sacks with three early varieties.

Sack planting potatoes is really easy, you just put about 6 inches of soil in the base of the bag, place four or five sprouting spuds on top and cover with about 4 inches of soil then every time the greenery makes its way above the surface of the soil, add another handful of potatoes and another four inches of soil until the bag is full. We should see 15 - 20lbs of potatoes out of each bag and they take up very little space.

To make more room for other veg in the garden, all of my trees and plants are being re-homed. This one is on its way to my mum's house so at least I'll still get to see it regularly:)

And we managed to get some herbs back into the garden too, starting with oregano, garlic and thyme. I've even managed to sneak in a lavender plant, after the plant I had (which had become more tree than shrub) was removed by someone who, in his great wisdom, decided it was getting too big.

One whole side of the garden has now been turned over with course sand and compost dug in and should be ready for planting next weekend.

Which only leaves this madness to sort out...


  1. I need to see if I can find potato sacks. Our plan now is to do the same thing, only in bins made from posts and chicken wire. Same idea, but your way would be easier.

  2. OK... that potato thing sounds too easy to be true:

    1. By "sprouting spuds" do you mean a special type of potato plant, or are you talking about potatoes that are "growing eyes" (as we call them - the little white growths coming out of them)?

    2. What is a potato sack made from? Are there any substitutes?

    Also: did Robert leave his last job after a brief stint, or did I think he left his old employer when he really didn't?

  3. Keep us updated on your potato growing - those look great, and my kids would love it.

    What is the weather like "up north?"

    We are still in Dublin, and despite the forecast weather has been quite good. Only one shower so far and we missed it!


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