I can't write

I really genuinely can't. I have a thousand ideas running in circles through my mind and I can't seem to string two words together, let alone a cohesive sentence about a single solitary one of them.

So you're going to be stuck with snapshots .....

I'm still pissed off after the parent/teacher meeting which took place way back before the Easter holidays because Chloe is apparently "shy" and "quiet". The little girl I know at home who can start a conversation in an empty room and constantly has to be discouraged from taking to complete strangers is shy in school. I can come to one of two conclusions. Either the teacher doesn't really know my daughter, or I don't. I'm terrified it might be the latter.

She also wants to go back to daycare. Kicked in the teeth is probably the best way I can think to describe how I feel about that at the minute, even though I completely understand why she wants this, it's just bloody hard to accept it.

I have a very confusing love/hate relationship at the minute about my home and more importantly the location of my home which will result in me talking myself round in circles for a month before doing absolutely nothing.

Almost all the issues I have with the house could easily be solved if I would just learn to drive, but I can't quite come round to the idea of putting yet another car on the road to ferry a child what I consider to be a reasonable walking distance.

Nobody else is able to see the whole 'learning to drive' thing my way.

Half of me is pleased with my recent weight loss (over two stone), but the other half of me knows that it has come off far too quickly and I'm paying for it. Headaches, general grumpy bumitis and pains and creaks and groans all mean I'd probably take the two stone back again , no questions asked.

And because of these and a whole host of other little niggly things I'm having a complete crisis of confidence. You can imagine just how many boxes of half completed stock are sitting around here at the minute, can't you? Normally I'm very sure of myself, probably a bit too sure of myself to be honest, so when I feel the way I do at the minute I haven't the first clue about how to deal with it.

Even having Robert at home more often isn't helping, in fact because it took away my one big grumble I now have more time to spend on all the little grumbles.

I think it's time to just bury the ol' head in the sand for a day or two. I think if I can just finish one thing or find a solution to even one problem or make a decision and stick with it then I'll be on my way back to my usual self again.

The fact that none of the above, in the grand scheme of things, actually qualify as "problems" hasn't escaped me, but it doesn't make them any easier to deal with either.


  1. The whole shy thing could be a result of the classroom environment. Chloe may feel oppressed or something, and that's why she's quieter there.

    As for driving, I don't see the relationship between being licensed and vehicle ownership. Just having the option to drive the existing car may be worth the effort and expense of learning.

  2. Congratulations on losing all that weight, I've lost two stone over a year or so and know how hard it can be!!

    I can relate to you about all the niggly things driving you insane....I spend days (no, actually weeks!!) with no motivation and everything driving me nuts and then it suddenly picks up again. It's hard work being a mum sometimes and our bodies and minds do very strange things!! Hope you feel better soon, forget the diet for a while and get some nice chocolate cake...it always helps a little xx

  3. My son is an entirely different child at school too - but I try to hope this is a good thing!

    I too have heaps of unfinished stuff - I have an idea for something new and start to make it, but I need to complete the other items, but doing the sensible thing is no fun!

    Congrats on weight loss.

    My kids still ask me if they can go to an after-school club! I remind them of all the activities and visits to friends which would not be possible if I worked full time and they were being looked after at a day-care centre.


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