Sore Boob and Mating Season

I've pulled a boob muscle. Obviously not a technical term or anything, but ladies you'll know which one I'm talking about.

It happened on Wednesday and its been killing me ever since. Still, life goes on.

We took a trip to the duck pond again on Wednesday, partly because it was a nice day and partly to knacker the child.

Seriously if I could just bottle some of the energy that Toots puts out, I'd be a millionaire.

Or at the very least I could keep up with her.

We arrived at the duck pond and the place was pretty much empty save for a few dog walkers. Normally this place is quite busy even during the week and I couldn't figure out what the problem was.

We had quite a nice little sprint walk around the first half of the pond. Most of it is pathways which are fenced off from the pond, although there are a few areas passing over old stone bridges meaning we could get a glimpse of some geese.

And whatever the hell these are...

As we reached the halfway mark, the fences end and the pathway runs down to the waters edge. There are a few benches for exhausted mums to sit and take in the view. Except today as soon as Toots saw the fence end she ran like lightening over the brough of the hill and down to the water. It was only once I managed to leg it to the top of the hill myself I heard the noise.

God the noise.

It must have been mating season. All of these geese are standing around yelling their heads off at each other, with their wings flapping like mad...

And Toots, my ickle 3 year old, standing in the middle of it all waiving a slice of bread at them.

I swear they were actually hissing at her.

Now in my humble opinion 3 years isn't exactly what I would call "a good run". So in I went, handbag, coat, bag of bread flying in all directions. I managed to grab her under my arm and ran like the clappers. Hence the boob muscle.

Big day for me people. I hate geese. Petrified of them actually.

There isn't really a good reason why, all I know is that they scare the life out of me. My mum's the same except for her its a mutual thing. And there's a trend. The bigger the bird, the longer it will chase her. A swan once chased her through the lead mines for a solid 15 minutes and she's never gotten over it. Also she never forgave my dad because he just stood and laughed. She's convinced it could have killed her.

Anyway, we managed to find a quieter part of the pond so that I could whip the camera out and let Toots feed some birds.

A couple of them were quite happy to quietly eat bread and entertain the child for a few minutes, but of course then she managed to hit one of them square in the face with a full slice of bread and piss him off.

Moving on...

We had a bit of a picnic at the front of the park, before heading to the playground where she managed to scare a small child and her mother with her laugh. The devil lost it to her in a bare knuckle match.

Its the laugh of a child hell bent on world domination.

We spent the rest of the morning at wacky whizzards again and then she visited her Nana returning later that evening completely exhausted.

All in all a very good day.

And just for a bit of fun....

I took this photo as part of my Project 365. This week's Friendly 365 challenge was "Tacky" chosen by yours truly because I won last week:) What do you think?

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  1. What an eventful adventure - I am exhausted just reading it. I was at the park this morning, but no aggressive geese. I don't mind birds outdoors, but hate to be in a hen house, or in a room with a pet bird - eeeek!


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