Menu Plan Monday - 9 Feb to 15 Feb

Monday again. This is great, not only is this helping me to remember what to cook, its helping me remember what day it is.

January was not a good month for remembering what day it was, seriously don't ask me what January was all about.

Anyway, food.

Last week we stuck to the plan completely. Nothing weird cropped up and I had a lovely relaxing time and even managed to get some completely non-essential baking done (btw non-essential baking is pronounced chok-o-lat cake in my neck of the woods).

Lunch: We'll be at mum's and dad will cook, so probably something "mad man with a spatula esque" cornbeef toasties for all I know*.
Dinner: Ham and Pea Risotto with crusty bread.

Lunch: Toasted hotcross buns, fruit and yogurt.
Dinner: MTM's glazed pork chops with roasted root veg

Lunch: Potato, spinach and cheese melt. I've spinach in the freezer and baby potatoes which need to be used.
Dinner: Fish pie. Basically just fish poached in milk, use the milk to make the parsley sauce, add flaked fish and peas, plonk in an ovenproof dish, top with potatoes and bake.

Lunch: Lentil soup and bread rolls.
Dinner: Crockpot pulled pork with noodles and shredded vegetable stirfry.

Lunch: Pulled pork sandwiches using some homemade soft bread rolls.
Dinner: Homemade pizza using the salami I still have from Christmas.

Lunch: No ballet today (its half term), I have sandwich steak in the freezer, so I'll cook that with some soy, ginger, garlic and spring onions and have it (again) with good bread or with rice or noodles. If the weather is at least dry I may chuck the gas cooker and a pan in the back of the car and head to the forest to get Toots out of the house, I'll cook lunch while we're there.
Dinner: Toots will be at Nana's and what with it being valentine's day I'll treat the husband to one of his venison steaks**. I'll coat it in crushed peppercorns, sear it quickly in the pan and then finish it off in the oven. I'll serve it with tobacco onions, roasted sweet potato and baked mushrooms.

This Sunday will be a bit different, mum does a light lunch and big meal later on, so toots will only have had a light meal when she arrives home and I'd like her to have something substantial in the evening.
Lunch: Nice lazy lunch, something bready,, maybe french toast with bacon and eggs.
Dinner: Baked whole trout (I still have loads in the freezer my brother caught last year. He fishes but hates fish, go figure) with lightly spiced crushed borlotti beans and spinach.

* He's actually a pretty good cook most of the time and he knows I'm joking when I make fun, but he sometimes has a bad habit of putting together ingredients that have no business even nodding at each other in passing let alone sharing plate space.
** I bought the venison steaks for the husband as a Christmas present and seriously those things have paid for themselves three times over. Ladies consider buying your husbands meat for all present affiliated holidays. Meat and beer!

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And if you come back here tomorrow I'll be posting my basic bread dough recipe, with some ideas on how to use it and also some yummy variations.


  1. Is it commonplace to buy venison in Ireland? Here there are so many regulations from the Dept. of Natural Resources and the Dept. of Agriculture (special licensing and such) that only a very few restaurants and/or gourmet grocers that sell it. Unless you hunt or know someone who does, venison is hard to come by...and only then if it is deer hunting season.

  2. I posted my pork & puffed pastry "recipe" You can find it here:
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  3. I love your menu! It sounds amazing. The amusing thing is that I've bought my husband meat before too. Only with living in Montana, USA (a state where deer are plentiful and hunting in encouraged), where venison is the normal, cheap way to eat, I buy him fancy beef cuts.

  4. I am unfamiliar with some of these things. They must be British! Like fish pie?

    I love the menu planning.


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