Menu Plan Monday - 23/2 to 1/3

Its that time of week again. Last week went pretty well. A couple of meals were switched about but apart from that I managed to stick to the plan.

On Sunday I nipped out to the local petrol station to grab some milk and they had whole chickens reduced to £1.79. There was still two days left on the sell by date so I grabbed two and as I'd already defrosted a chicken for Sunday, I roasted all three.

So whereas last week was heavy on the veggies, expect to see a lot of chicken on this weeks menu. Needless to say the husband will be having a lot of it for lunches too.

Lunch: I have bread in the fridge which I'll bake tonight (Sunday) and we'll use that for sandwiches.
Dinner: Mild chicken curry. I'm trying to get Toots to eat more of a variety. She likes spicy as in peppers and paprika but she's only really starting to come around to the idea of curry. I'll keep some yogurt handy in case she thinks its too spicy for her.

Lunch: Omelets. I helped my mum's friend with a bit of typing and paperwork over the weekend. She keeps chickens so now I have 30 eggs in the fridge.
Dinner: Chicken lasagna with salad.

Lunch: Hopefully (weather depending) we'll be out, so I'll pack a lunch. Some chicken drumsticks, bread, tomatoes, fruit and maybe a couple of pieces of cake.
Dinner: Chicken and vegetable soup. We may not get back until late so (if I remember) I'll have made this on Tuesday.

Lunch: Leftovers. I'm finding by this stage in the week I still have a few leftovers even with advanced planning and Toots really enjoys having a choice of things to eat.
Dinner: The husband is on call so it needs to be something quick like fajitas and salad.

Lunch: Again we'll be out but should be back around lunchtime. I'll take a snack with me in case we're a bit late and throw some pasta and sauce in the crockpot in the morning.
Dinner: Pizza. I've been getting away from this lately for some reason and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

Lunch: Last week I tried having a very light breakfast (just some cereal) and then a brunch around 11.30am. Toots has ballet at 1.30pm and this seemed to work well, she had more energy come 1.30pm and was a lot more cooperative. We'll have soda bread with bacon and maybe some scrambled eggs.
Dinner: Sweet and sour chicken with egg noodles.

Lunch: "Fingers crossed" the car will pass its MOT on Thursday and we'll be at the beach. The weather has been lovely the last few days here. I'll make up a chicken salad and a tomato salad and cook some burgers on the gas camper stove at the beach and as always I'll make the rolls myself.
Dinner: We'll be tired, I know we will so we'll probably just clean the fridge out of any leftovers and failing that I'll make some soup.

For more menu plans along with some great recipes head over to Organizing Junkie.


  1. Sounds like a great plan. Love the variety - I tend to get stuck in a rut - roast chicken, shepherds pie, fajitas, bolognese, sweet and sour - pretty sure most of these appear most weeks.

  2. GROAN!

    Its TOO early in the day for me to be thinking of all this food, its giving me cramps ROTFL! You are so organized, why I'd scare myself if I were to do this. Maybe I should, haha. Certainly would simplify life.

    I hope your 'boob' muscle heals - that certainly can be painful! I have a bag my sister in law made - its a cotton one she filled with barley - and it heats in the microwave. When my Mr. gets a sore neck or shoulders, I heat it for a minute and then apply it, it works GREAT.

    The bags are easy to make, and some people put cinnamon in too, for a nice scent. Great gift ideas.

    I like your park pictures! Is spring coming yet, for you? When does it usually arrive?

    Have a happy day. ☻


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