Menu Plan Monday - 2 Feb to 8 Feb

Another Monday already. Last week's menu plan actually went pretty well with only a few changes to scheduled programming.

We had omelettes instead of frittata on Wednesday because we were short on time and because we were short of time (yep you guessed it) no ribs on Thursday. I completely forgot to lift them out of the freezer. Instead I made a veggie lasagna on Thursday and the ribs on Friday.

The weather here this week is for icy winds with the possibility of snow, so I think nice warming casseroles and soups will be the order of the day.

MTM's pork chops went down really well, they were lovely and tender. I will say when I was heating the sauce to begin with and the first few minutes in the oven, they smelt very cinnamony (so not a word) and I was bit concerned that I'd maybe added too much but the smell really mellowed after a while and the cinnamon was a very subtle background flavour in the end, so don't panic if you have a go with these yourself.

Lunch: Baked potatoes with cheese.
Dinner: Vegetable Soup with homemade bread. This is an Irish staple. Ask any Irish girl, we all make the same soup, carrots, soup celery, flat leaf parsley and leeks with a mix of different lentils and barley. Don't believe me, seriously ask anyone?

Lunch: Homemade sausage rolls. There's still half a hundred weight of processor puff pastry in the freezer.
Dinner: Toast with garlic mushrooms and picnic chicken.

Lunch: Crusty bread pizzas (again, I know but we love them)
Dinner: Toots will be at her Nana's so I'll make the husband an Ulster Fry. He doesn't get them often but with the weather to be really bad today he'll appreciate it.

Lunch: Homemade soda bread with scrambled eggs.
Dinner Paella

Lunch: Jambons using more of that processor puff pastry.
Dinner: Baked chicken kievs with roasted veg and sweet potatoes.

Lunch: Cheese and Ham toasties with tomatoes.
Dinner: Lamb Patia with chapatis.

Lunch: Baked gammon with roasted potatoes and parsnips.
Dinner: Sandwiches or hotdogs.

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  1. Definitely with you on the soup.

    You make your own soda bread? I am impressed!

    An Ulster Fry - have not made one of those at home in AGES.....yummmm

  2. glad u liked the chops! never thought to warn about the cinnamon as we are huge fans of it!

  3. That sounds like a delicious week! I don't know what an Ulster fry is, but it sounds tasty! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I loved your wedding post!


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