WFMW - 100% Biodegradeable Packing Peanuts

Truth be told this isn't my idea at all. But I will pilfer it to use at a later date.

At Christmas I received a gift of a beautiful box filled with Lush goodies. For those of you not familiar with Lush, they make and sell handmade bath, body and beauty products.

My mum always buys a bar of their Carmen Miranda soap for me on Mother's Day and occasionally at Christmas too but this year she opted for one of their handmade boxes.

The boxes cost £20 and are guaranteed to be filled with at least that value of products.

My box was filled with three large bars of soap, a bar of solid shampoo and four mini bath bombs each with a different fragrance. Toots got to use two of the bath bombs, one was filled with flower petals and the other was filled with sparkly stars which very slowly dissolve in the water.

The thing about these boxes which I thought was just brilliant was the packing material inside, used to stop any of the contents being battered or bruised before Christmas.


Pretty boring looking box once the gorgeous wrapping and ribbons are removed.


Popcorn. Complete genius.

The stuff is mostly air, it did a fantastic job of keeping everything neatly undamaged in the box and I can throw it in the bin without feeling guilty. I can even reuse it. The popcorn smells lovely after being packed up with all those bars of soap for so long and it would easily fragrance a small room, such as a bathroom.

Popcorn packing peanuts definitely work for me.

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  1. That is BRILLIANT! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Brilliant! And it is much better for the environment than those nasty foam peanuts or plastic bubble wrap! Cool idea!

  3. Groovy! Is it by any chance salted or is it just plain?

  4. And even better? If you need it quick for a snack OR for packing, you do what Martha Stewart taught me.

    Take a plain old brown paper lunch bag.
    Put in 1/3 cup plain old popping corn.
    Fold top over 1/2 inch folds, loosely, twice.
    Place in plain old microwave.
    Pop on high for 2 mins (or until stops popping)

    Yep, thats it. Simple dimple.

    (KIDS love this, a quick, healthy snack and they get thier own bag) saves $$$

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  6. Great! I love simple ideas like these.

  7. Remember back when they had drive in movies? One time when we were moving, my Dad would go to the drive-in on Sunday nights after the final movie and buy giants bag of unbuttered popcorn for packing our dishes in for a couple bucks. Worked great.

  8. very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know I coulc find those


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