Biting the (toy) bullet

We finally bit the bullet, ate the frog, call it what you will but we finally moved all of Toots' toys to her bedroom.


I know. For years now I have insisted that her bedroom is for sleeping only. It's the main reason I feel that she sleeps as well as she does (a good 11-12 hours every night). There aren't any distractions in there and I liked that her room was a very relaxing place.

But we gave in.

Or maybe I am just a little bit selfish.

I wanted my corners back.

I mean the corners of my living room. For years now, my corners have been non-existent. First filled with buggies and strollers and nappy bags, then toys. She doesn't have a huge amount of toys but boy do those things get everywhere.

We spent last weekend rearranging her room. We picked up a couple of under bed storage boxes from Ikea and put her toy chest in the corner of her room. If anything, are the moving of furniture and reorganising, she seems to actually have more room to play up there. And it looks a lot more like a child's room rather than a spare bedroom.

Best of all, she still gets her shower every night, dries her hair and swans off into bed like usual, completely ignoring all the toys. Occasionally she has climbed back out of bed, grabbed a stuffed toy and climbed back in again, but apart from that it hasn't affected her night's sleep one bit.

And I've got my corners back again. And I used the large wooden chest in the living room to stash all my knitting and crafting pruck, so I have my kitchen table back again.


Also, I've mentioned before how much I'm enjoying being at home. However, its kind of obvious, at least to me, that we can't really afford for me to be out of work in the long term. We're fine for a year or two, but after that if I'm still at home it may start to be a bit of a problem.

We've sat down and worked out that I may have to return to work at least part time once Toots started school. Now, that's fine in theory but that kid will get something like 15 weeks holiday a year and I can't imagine that I'll be able to find such a generous employer.

That is, unless I'm my own boss.

So wildly clutching at straws I opened a Folksy shop. Folksy is kind of like Etsy except its based in the UK. That's the button up there on the right.

Don't panic, You'll still get my usual run of rants, crafts, carnival whoring and anything else I find remotely interesting. I'm not going to turn into one of those blogs where I shamelessly self promote and only post pretty little pictures of the things I make.

Besides if I wanted to do that I could always just start another blog. Three and counting, sure what's another one, eh?

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  1. Thanks - another place full of pretty things to buy!

    I hadn't heard of it, looks great.

    Best wishes for your venture, and keep us posted as to how it goes for you.

    I have an empty etsy store which I have not used yet. It makes sense to have one based in the UK.


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