Mothers Day


Do you hear that?


Neither do I.

Complete silence.

Which is a little strange considering it was Mothers Day. Surely the whole point of Mothers Day is to be a Mother and spend uninterrupted time with my daughter.

Well not according to everyone else. My mum and husband both thought that on this Mother's Day I should relax, kick back and take it easy.

I woke on Sunday to find that the husband had snuck out of bed, woken Toots and was downstairs making breakfast. It was 8.00am. Pure bliss, I can't remember the last time I had a long lie in. While Toots is a great sleeper, I normally wake an hour or so before her to get some work done.

I had breakfast at the table with my little family, I caught up on my reader and then went to the park with Toots and my brother.

There they are halfway up a tree.

You'll notice how good I'm getting at the whole not standing below her with a catcher's mitt thing.

You'll also notice my brother's vice like grip around her ankle and slightly nervous expression.

He knows me too well and values his health. Wise move, oh brother of mine.

Then she was whisked away to spend the afternoon with her Nana and the husband disappeared off into the garden while I was left alone.

I spent the afternoon finishing off a few projects, starting a few new ones and committing to even more in the future.

This relaxing and kicking back lark is all well and good, but, you know...

Its just a little too quiet around here for my liking.


  1. Glad you have a lovely, if a bit too quiet, day.

  2. I never understood the rationale of time away from one's kids on Father's or Mother's Day. It always seemed counter-intuitive to me.

    Bottom line, I know what you mean.

  3. I'm glad to hear you had a great Mother's day. Toots looks like she had fun climbing the tree!!
    Thank you for your well wishes.

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