Fist Bump


We've just found out today that Chloe's P2 teacher will be taking P3 from next year and we've got her again. She must have really liked her class this year, either than or it's my mad present making skillz.


I've said that already haven't I?

She's not everyone's favourite teacher, some consider her a bit iron fist for their little kiddies but I think she's absolutely brilliant. Chloe sometimes has a habit of being offered an inch and taking a mile so having a teacher who makes her expectations known in no uncertain terms is perfect for us.

I found her teacher in P1 was a bit airy fairy with an attitude that kids should learn in their own time and there wasn't any rush, so the kids took their time and entered P2 a fair bit behind the other two classes. In one short year all that malarky was well and truly fixed.

What makes it even better is that our current classroom assistant will be moving along with them too. She's the fount of positive reinforcement and works perfectly with the teacher, I don't think I've ever seen a better team and it means Chloe gets the best of both worlds, a firm handed pat on the back if you like. She needs the strictness to make her sit down and concentrate on her work but she likes a bit of praise for a job well done when she's finished too.

Hopefully we're looking forward to another great school year.


  1. Lovely! We've yet to hear and noodleBubble Jnr is 'getting worried' about our new teacher (and going up to Juniors too).

    Fist Bump to you though!

    noodleBubble x

  2. You do realise this means you can't give them the same gifts next year?!!

    I am still churning out my pencil pot vases for 3 years in a row!

    Just found out my son is getting an old friend of mine next year - she usually only subs, but is doing a job share with another lovely teacher - happy days :)


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