The quick as a flash holiday recap

There'll be more, I promise, but I'm still tired, still ignoring the laundry and still enjoying being home with my husband.

We baked in the sun, me more than anyone else but sure what else is new.

We played at the beach and carried half of it back to the apartment.

We relaxed in the pool.

We got bored of relaxing and had water fights instead.

We fed the lizards vanilla wafers in exchange for photo ops. Probably not their natural diet.

We walked up them thar hills.

Almost to the top!

And in amongst the few dozen or so very long walks, park visits, zoo visits, pool days, beach days and a few other days I'm having to look at the photos to remember, we found some time to just chill out.

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  1. Great photos, glad you saw some sun - there hasn't been much here recently!


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