An unscheduled blog break

I've either just had one or I'm coming close to the end of one, I haven't quite decided yet.

Understandably I have been on a bit of a downer lately and didn't real feel like stuffing my blog with depressing posts and bringing everyone else down as well, but my hopes are up again.

We're back to the waiting game for a while yet, it seems my dad's cancer was caused by a defective gene. I don't really understand all the ins and outs to be honest, I don't know if it was a cancerous gene or whether it was just a bit wonky and the perfect place for cancer to get a foothold, but whatever it is it has meant that all his sisters have had to be tested and we're waiting now for the results.

On a high note Chloe is absolutely loving school and I'm amazed at how far her reading has come along. You might remember this was a big issue last year, but her teacher this year seems to be really getting some good out of her so we're going to keep working on that and hopefully build up her confidence in reading. She still prefers maths and it's the one homework each week that she really seems to look forward to.

I know there's a whole debate on homework and whether 4 and 5 year olds should get any, but Chloe really enjoys it so it just isn't an issue for us. Don't get me wrong sometimes I kind of wish she didn't get as much homework (two writing, one drawing, one maths, two reading books and some memory cards over four nights) but that's down to my being a lazy cow time management skills rather than Chloe being unable to cope.

As an extra bonus the novelty of the packed lunch has already worn off so she'll be having school dinners instead:) It works out perfectly because we're supposed to be in for a cold snap this week and I don't particularly fancy her sitting eating cold sandwiches and yogurt and then going out for a play in sub zero temps afterwards. And yes, Chloe's school is big and I mean BIG on outdoor play, it's even incorporated into the normal classes so freezing temperatures, rain, sleet, snow or hail the kids are bundled up and go out to play. Luckily we're not short of a scarf or two around here.

I'm sat here having one of those odd mornings where I really don't know what to do with myself. Mum and dad are off on holiday in a few days so they wanted to keep Chloe for the entire weekend, seriously I haven't seen her since Friday afternoon and she won't be home until this evening. It's weird because I really did think that I had mountains of stuff to, but it seems all these things only take so long to do because I've a five year old helping me. While she's been off enjoying her social life I've managed to get everything done.

I think I may nip into the kitchen and make some doughnuts for Robert, the poor bloke spent all day yesterday installing some whole house ventilation system that I was told would be much quieter and efficient than the stack of individual vents dotted around the house. I must admit he was right. The old vent in our en suite was all mouth and no trousers, I swear it would sit up there on the wall making a racket and still the steam would hang around in the room for ages, but when I hopped in the shower last night I actually didn't think the new one was working because there was no noise but when I peeked round the curtain the room was completely clear, even the mirror didn't steam up!

He's done good, but he is knackered and possibly ready to admit that he's getting a bit to old to spend 6 hours drilling in a roof space.

Now if you'll excuse me I have sugary treats to make and enough Mark Williams Industrial Revelations and Alton Brown sky plussed to at least see me through the morning:)


  1. glad to hear your dad is in the clear, hope the same is true for your aunts x

  2. Good to see you here, was missing you!

    P2 going well here too, except there has only been ONE homework so far, and that was a week long art project. I am sure normal service will be resumed shortly and I will regret commenting on the lack of homework!

    My 12 year old is more than making up for it with mountains of homeworks to complete.

    And in the middle we have my 10 year old facing the Tranfer Tests in November/December - deep joy!

  3. I totally hear you about the homework thing; parents here are actually asking for MORE for their kids! It's nuts.

  4. hey!! you have a wonderful blog. thanks for sharing your life and experience here. keep it up and never give up. you can do it.


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