Flying Visit

Sorry, I'm just crashing through quickly because I've a stack to do and it'll be tomorrow before I have any real details, but my dad was at hospital this morning to get the results of his biopsy.

He had the operation last Tuesday to remove the tumour, it didn't go exactly according to plan in that it should have taken 90 minutes, but ended up taking closer to 4 hours to complete the surgery and he's been in an awful amount of pain since then, but anyway ..... he went to the hospital this morning and his doctor told him that they had tested 24 nodes and he's in the clear, the tumour wasn't aggressive and he won't have to go through chemotherapy.

It's the best news we could possibly have hoped for and his doctor even said that it will be ok for him to travel too. My mum and dad had booked a holiday earlier this year and planned to fly out on 22 September and now they'll still be able to go, of course he'll need to take it easy but if anything his doctor thinks it will do him good.

He'll still need to have the usual checkup every two years, but for now everything is on the up:)


  1. Such good news! Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend...I'm sure you will now!

  2. You (and your family) have been in my thoughts and prayers.

    Thanks for the quick update.

    How has your daughter settled in to school?

  3. Thanks for the update. I am SO happy for you and your father.

  4. Leanne, I've not had a chance to catch up on my blog reading for a while (only 5 secretary's in the whole building!!) but just saw your most recent one and then read backwards to find out about your dad's diagnosis. I'm so sorry to hear that it is cancer but delighted for you that it is contained and can be treated. You dad is so young (only 4 years older than me!)I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he and your mum get to relax and enjoy the holiday they have booked. It's a horrible illness and like you say, it touches so many families. My fiance lost his mum to it earlier this year so I am especially pleased for you that your dad is going to beat this.

    All the best,

    Nicola. x


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