I've never been so glad to miss a phone call

A couple of weeks ago my lovely husband was driving to work listening to Cool FM as usual when Pete Snodden phoned some poor bloke after receiving a call from his wife complaining that he always forgets birthdays and anniversaries and what not and he proceeded to take the piss out of the poor guy live on the air.

On Tuesday my lovely husband and I celebrated our anniversary, or at least we did when he called at 10am to remind me about it.

It was our 8th anniversary and I even had to double check my marriage certificate for that because, honestly I thought it had only been 7 years. Anniversaries just aren't that big a whoop for me, I get why prisoners check off another year but quite frankly I just can't be bothered.

So ... was he phoning me to give me a hard time for forgetting? Like hell he was, he was phoning to see where I'd been when Pete phoned at 9.20am!!

Do you know those times when you have your key in the door and get it opened just in time to hear the last ring from the phone and the caller hasn't left their number and it's a bit frustrating? Well, this wasn't one of those times.

My anniversary is now safely tucked away in the widowberry for next year:)

And the husband got soup and a tin opener for his anniversary dinner.

Imagine trying to get your own wife hauled over the coals live on air!


  1. That's awesome.

    (And, the fact that you still gave him something for dinner means it's true love.)

  2. He should tread lightly. I hear the new popular gift for the 9th anniversary is a dog house.


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