Yay even more bullet points!

because I've felt a bit like a bobble head doll the past few days and can't point the old noggin in one direction for too long.
  • We finally got word of my dad's operation. He was to have his assessment this Tuesday and then go into the hospital on 14 September and have the operation on the 15th, but we had a call from the hospital on Friday afternoon to say there is a cancellation and his operation has been brought forward to tomorrow. Needless to say much running around, bag packing and general panic ensued.

  • Oh I forgot to mention, I'm not going back to work so this will be me for the foreseeable future. I have my little business and I'm going to work on building it and I still get to be home for Chloe.

  • Chloe's first two days back to school were brilliant. She didn't bat an eyelid going in, but then I didn't expect her to. If anything she's become even more independent from me over the Summer holidays.

  • That's a good thing in my book. I figure I have two jobs as a parent, one is to get Chloe to the point where she doesn't need me any more and the other is to keep her safe until she gets there.

  • Two days back at school and my fridge door is filling up nicely with school notes already.

  • Two days back at school and my house is properly tidy for the first time in months. That makes me sound terrible and honestly the house is clean but with a child off for Summer I didn't see any point in getting my knickers in a knot over the tidy bit. If you had called at my home and there were toys and books everywhere and the driveway was multicoloured after all the games of hopscotch, you would just have had to deal with it.

  • Bit random, but what happened to eggs? I still sometimes get eggs from a farm not far from here and practically have to wrap them in cotton wool until I'm ready to use them. On the other hand I've dropped supermarket eggs onto my kitchen floor and watched them roll away without so much as a scratch on them. Have they done something weird to eggs and chickens to making distribution easier or is this a differing breed of chicken thing? Do some chickens lay armoured eggs?

  • I can't seem to remember how to cook without a crockpot. Handy that it's Autumn really and soups and stews are welcomed. Yes I'm just going to come right out and say it, I know it's still August and some people are desperately clinging on to the hem of Summer, but I've the heating on, it's blowing a gale out there, my deck is covered in leaves and I wear a cardi when I go out. It's Autumn and that's ok.

  • Or at least it would be ok if Autumn didn't mean oven cleaning time and I don't mean sweeping out the little pile of dust left by the self cleaning function and opening every window and door in the house because, seriously, that self cleaning gimmick can really stink a house out. No I mean getting down on my hands and knees, taking the entire thing apart and scrubbing like there's no tomorrow.

  • Does anyone like cleaning ovens?

  • Do you want to come and do mine?

  • Please!!!!


  1. The age and diet of the chickens can have an effect on the thickness of the shells. My in-laws had some older chickens that laid eggs with reeeally delicate shells.

  2. Hope all goes well with your dad. Please keep us posted.

    Glad to hear you'll be able to be a SAHM again!

    I hear you on the house bit. It took school being back in session here, too, for our house to look clean. It only takes a weekend, though, for to fall to pieces.

    I've noticed the same thing, also, with the eggs. The farm-bought eggs' shells are much more fragile vs the store-boughts.

    Autumn isn't here yet, but I'm ready for it! It's my favorite season.

  3. Strange on the eggs - I find the ones from the farms around here are a lot harder to crack than the ones from the grocery store.

  4. I hate the waiting game... we had to do that with my dad a couple of years back; it was awful. I hope yours isn't too bad.

    Also, I am so stoked about it being August (the cool nights RULE) and the fact that fall is around the corner that it isn't even funny.

  5. oven cleaning whats that, and if find anybody let me know..Kxx

  6. I was going to say, you clean an oven? I know they make some "self cleaning", but I don't have one of those. How do you clean one? Put off a little cleaning bomb inside and wipe? any suggestions?

  7. Leanne, best wishes to you and your dad. I hope he makes a speedy recovery. I hear you on the house cleaning front - mind you with me it is eight little hairy legs instead of two little human ones running through the house creating mess where none existed! Its a strange catch 22 - the house needs cleaner more often since their arrival but I get less time to do it because they take up so much of it!!
    As for cleaning the oven - I feel guilty now - does it really not just clean itself?? ;0)


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