Bye Bye Toes

It's been lovely having you here. I'm sure you've enjoyed your quiet yet peaceful life nestled in your box amongst the tissue paper, only occasionally worn and admired in front of the mirror.

However, it's now time for you to embark upon a great adventure. An adventure from which I'm afraid you will not return.

It will be great though, it's the reason for which you were created.

You'll get to play football and hopscotch, you'll skip and you'll dance and you'll twirl around and around.

You'll be wrapped around the legs of chairs and dragged along the ground. You'll watch from a distance during the sponsored bounce and you'll cheer from the sidelines on sports day.

You may even occasionally be ground nervously into the parquet flooring when your owner is caught up to no good!

Yes dear little toes, tomorrow you'll be off to school on the feet of a five year old. You'll carry her through things both new and familiar and remain completely taken for granted through most of these things, but I'll clean and polish you on your return, I'll keep you good for as long as possible.

So little toes, I bid you farewell, it was nice to have had the pleasure.

And thank you for taking my little girl everywhere she wants to go.


  1. :)

    I'm having the hardest time getting Kat to put her bare little summer toes into protective toes like these. It's an issue every morning. I guess she thinks she can wear sandals until Christmas.

  2. :o)
    This post made me smile muchly, thank you


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